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  1. I used these regimes for a couple of seasons and developed some star players. Bought one player 300k hes now worth 8 million. Another player I bought 2 million i sold for 30. few injuries too
  2. I dont think this tactic works post patch. Ive gone from winning game after game to losing every game. There might be some explanation as i have a crap ass man, but no i think its over. Target man regularly performing badly (kuyt and crouch) letting in lots of blunders, conceding late goals etc etc etc
  3. I been playing V4 and i dont tweak or touch it. Won the league with arsenal and liverpool and chelsea with it. Chelsea 1st season didnt let a goal in till December. The most important thing about it is the target man and to have a back up for him if he gets injured. Klose was mine at chelsea and arsenal was alan smith. Both scored the most, assisted the most and got the higest average ratings. Klose would get 9-10 constantly. Wingers too are vital. A great tactic for a good title contending team, a firm base to slot your favourite players into.
  4. Naked go go dancers. Team mascots Streakers. The reintroduction of barbed wire fences. Racism on the terraces. The sound of bones breaking. Coins being thrown onto the pitch. Bionic parts for players. Roller skates.
  5. The Lambs its obvious that this tactic is great by your results. I loved the first version, winning the league with A.Madrid and Chelsea and getting Gateshead to League One. I skipped version 2, and decided to try V3 on a cheat game I have made were i sacked every player and replaced them with wonderkids. It was a miserable season but like you said they didnt gel and were also very young. So I thought of going into season 2 with V3, but have become uncomfortable with the 4 4 2 with target man. I feel its good for championship premier teams, and perfect for teams like Everton and Newcastle, but a bit of a shame to use when full of brazilians, argies, english, spanish, french hotshot wonderkids. I couldnt see Arsenal, Milan or Barcalona playing a 442 and humping the ball up to the tall guys head and distributing the ball to the flanks ala shankleys liverpool and the Blackburn premiership winning side of the 90s. But saying that 07 is the most realistic of all the cm games. It incorparates for many styles of football and agrees with sven goran erikssons view that the players on the pitch are more important than the tactic So yeah A.Madrid 442 because of maxi and petrov, everton james beattie target man, blacburn bentley pedersen supplying to macarthey. Every tactic should suit the players you have, and if you try to get the players for the tactic, it takes time to gel.
  6. Welcome to the forums gallen! Forums can be a turnoff sometimes. Every dedicated forum is the same. If you made a thread saying Rooney is great 9/10 the next reply will disagree saying hes not that good. Every forum on the internet. Can be annoying when you have made a carefully thought out point and someone dismisses it offhandly! All that said, these forums have a great wealth of knowledge and fun. The players and tactics threads provide a steep learning curve, and some of the challenges are enjoyable too I recommend you check them out!1!
  7. Yeah what gallen said. The MM442 was the 1st tactic I used on FM07 which gave me good results and taught me how to play. One criticism I have of version 3 is the ticking of the counter attack box and passing tempo set to slow. Ive never liked the counter attack option because against weaker teams there is no need to soak up attacks. I have found that the more creative and fast tactics counter attacks without need to tick the box, I like the way the tactics for set pieces and have used the same for my own designed tactic.
  8. V3 must have been a joke surely. Was it posted for a laugh and a lesson to create your own tactic? Ive ditched the 4 4 2 and in january my 1st 11 all have an average rating of around 7.50 or higher. The 4 4 2 is flawed due to being cut like butter through the middle
  9. I play version 1 of this tactic Dont use target man as although its nice to see Luca toni head the ball down to shevchenko or hartson on for zarate, its easy to defend against. A good solid tactic and i usually win games. Most important is wingers. Centre midfield can get a bit deep also,
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