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  1. Crash new season

    Oh and the version is 3.2 it says in credits.
  2. Crash new season

    How do I send you my saved games though, no big changes to iPod from when I got it, I only have like 3 apps downloaded, only other apps note iPod is the built in ones so it's not that.
  3. Crash new season

    I have also tried changing the preferences and have powered off the iPod, swiped it shut it off turned it back on and it still doesn't work, the leagues I selected are english, France, Italian and spannish, I have tried going different teams same thing happens though at the end of season. Not sure which iPod touch this is, ain't got camera I went into settings and the model is mb528bt and the version is 4.0 I have 7gb memory free.
  4. Everytime I finish a season it says start new season or something so I click it it starts loading gets to the end the loading bar then it turns the game of. I thought this might have just been something wrong with the season but I have started a new game 3 times now and everytime after my first season it's turns the game off! I have tried deleting the game and dowoadin it again and started new seAson and it done the same thing at the end of the season. There is plenty of memory on my iPod, I using an iPod touch it is the old one without the camera. Help me fix it thanks.