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  1. Amazing work Dan, really enjoying playing as my local club, even though it's not the one i support, Just something I have noticed - i'm playing at Level 10 (Hellenic Dvision One East specifically) and a lot of the 'preseason' messages like choosing my captain, pitch dimensions and expectations were after the start of the first season - 5-7 games deep in fact. Is this just because of the COVID adjustments in the first year? Also, i wait for your database every year and im amazed at the level of work you go to - do you have a paypal or anyting i can thank you on?
  2. Yeah I get them about 50% of the time, but it missed some big ones. Sometimes I put it down to maybe another result changed the table but then I don't get the animation next game either.
  3. I loved Stadia for FM20. Yeah you can't add logo packs or databases but I could play at levels of detail I never had before. My PC wouldn't even handle all leagues in England very well, so to be able to add pretty much the whole world and play it faster that I'd ever experienced was amazing. Plus the cross play devices - taking my tablet out of my bag and picking up my save anywhere. Hell even my phone sometimes. And not some slimmed down mobile friendly. Full FM. On my tablet. Stadia is great for people who maybe can't afford a new PC or want to play quicker and less often
  4. I don't know if this is a bug, or I clicked too quickly or it's been removed. But I've just won a lower league title - which I feel particularly proud of as the team I started with were under transfer embargo and had no decent players. And I usually use preset or downloaded tactics but I decided to control much more of my club this year including tactics and individual training. So being in the mix at the top felt like a major achievement. Three years of toil and free transfers and I finally won promotion. The title came down to the wire and after dispatching Tranmere 4
  5. Cool, so just me not winning then? Although I normally use the assistant and preset tactics and this year I'm doing everything down to player instructions myself. I also chose Southend who have a transfer embargo for the first two windows and a but of a threadbare squad made of loanees Was predicted 23rd finished 18th and I'm only just starting season two after some good recruitment. But I can't get my strikers into double figures.
  6. Being discussed over here But essentially, the percentages have been replaced by icons.
  7. Once the game is fully released, people will design and release skins across the FM community. It's not possible to simply change it in the options but once you can change skins it will show your backgrounds
  8. Yeah I chose Southend for a challenge. Didn't know about the embargo. I'm trying but I'm not doing very well
  9. Does it have the Championship or just Super League? Could take Bradford back to the top or make London a force
  10. We need some GIFs and banter back in here. They never said the beta would be released today. The advert appeared overnight in the UK, clearly it was timed. Noone can demand anything. SI aren't letting you down by it not being available at midnight on the 10th. I think some people need to put their big boy pants on. Serious mode over.
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