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  1. i just gave up waiting for a fix after 2 weeks and went the expensive solution route of buying it again on steam... no issues so far since we switched
  2. We both bought the game again on steam - moved saves over and it worked. I know this isn't a solution for everyone, but we didn’t want to wait Indefinitely. Still not sure how the code can be so different between gamepass/steam when its the same files. anyway just wanted to let you know this works if you want to switch from game pass over to steam.
  3. Yeh thought that might be the case - good to know it works fine there. Do you know if you can transfer saves over to the steam version from game pass & would the bug carry over to the steam version?
  4. Thanks Ali. i did try that on a test save and im aware that It “works”, but kinda defeats the point of the game & it appears it will happen again. tbh as its taking so long and the steam version is fine we might just have to spend even more money to play it on there.
  5. I think this could take quite a while so might end up paying for the game twice and getting via steam... kinda sucks. at least i could transfer my save over in that case...
  6. Thank you Kyle - I’m sure we all appreciate the SI team working on this during the current situation WW. is there an estimated timeline on when we can expect the fix to be released? thanks again!
  7. Inviting via the xbox app works - till you get the inbox issue
  8. @Roebuckiowish we could start a new game - but we're 20 hours in already... would hate to lose the effort so far - would be hollow! Hoping this fix comes quickly (fingers crossed) - so we can actually use game pass...
  9. Hi Jimmy, Yes I am playing on game pass. I can see the inbox on a career game. Yes this only happens when I join my friends network save - it was working fine and then all of a sudden it stopped working... after around 14 hours. Whats strange is when i migrated the save from my friends pc to mine - I could then load up and when I took control of my manager I could then see my inbox (the issue then was when the original host logging in they couldn't do anything/click on anything) - not sure if that helps highlight the issue.
  10. Hi Jimmy, I opened a ticket on this a few days ago but have not had a reply - any ETA on this fix as I'm having the same issue and unable to play, we were very excited when it got released on game pass Alex
  11. i opened a support ticket with sega and they told me do everything again (drivers, cache etc) even though I had already done that - didn't fix the issues unfortunately.
  12. yeh we tried switching the save - however I could then see my inbox but then the original host couldn't click on anything in the game... seems like a huge issue only on gamepass... very frustrating.
  13. hey, did you manage to fix this as having the same problem?
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