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  1. Just read a whole backlog of the last 6 days (quickening thread + this one). Nothing to mention so far, except: thank you very much, Rosler. Your work is really amazing. As soon as I have something useful to say, I'll come back here. I'm still Rimini, just closed the 19/20 season (second Serie A win in a row). The slightly tweaked versions of Rainmaker_v3 + S&Sv2 are still very solid for me, but this set is seducing me, considering the feedback so far. Also, it has 3 DCs + anchor...that's Brazil in WC 2002. I try to reproduce it in every FM, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. Seeing the formation just pulls me back to Marcos, Cafu, Lucio, Edmilson, Roque Junior, Roberto Carlos, Gilberto Silva, Kleberson, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Ronaldo. Great memories.
  2. Same for me. Going for my 2nd Serie A b2b title, with a media prediction of 9th and 6th in the last two years. Did not do well in the cups this season, but that's on me. Have been following the threads, but the combination of RainmakerV3 when favourite and S&Sv2 when underdog keeps working very well for me. I will not make the switch until the feedback on the thread is VERY solid and consistent. Just as a reminder, my Rainmaker v3 has an Anchor instead of Regista. My S&Sv2 has no Retain Possession. I'd recommend Rosler to revisit v3+anchor in one of the "Chelsea tests". I'd gladly do it, but my ratio of 'matches player per week is quite low'.
  3. That's me! And I second your post. § Rainmaker v3, but anchorman instead of Regista (being favourite) § S&S_v2, but no Retain Posession (being underdog) This combo is working perfectly fine for me in 14.3. I am following this thread because I'm a fan of Rosler's work and want to contribute as much as I can. I have no intention of switching to the Quickening anytime soon.
  4. My tweak is simply to remove the "retain posession" team instruction. I only include it back to hold a result in the final minutes of the match. I also add "much lower tempo" to hold a result.
  5. Update, with a quick reminder first: I am Rimini in Italy and climbed the stairs in my first seasons C2 - C1 - B - A - A and I just finished my third season in Serie A. Since the beginning I have been using Rosler's tactics and they have served me very well. My squad is now fully built around these tactics and I have multiple choices for all roles/positions + youngsters that will takeover each role someday. New stadium being built, facilities being upgraded every year. I'm a hero! So, Rimini finally won the Serie A for the first time in 2019. \o/ Juventus dominance has ended after winning EVERY year from 2012 - 2018. They finished 3rd this year. My dominance was incredible. Finished with 94 pts, 22 pts ahead of Napoli. 95 goals, 28 conceded. In February I updated to 14.3 and, since then, have been using RainmakerV3 + S&Sv2. Working like a charm. Two tweaks, though. My S&Sv2 has no RETAIN POSESSION - I only use this instruction to hold a result in the last 5 minutes. My RainmakerV3 has an Anchor Man instead of a Regista. I drew and lost the first two matches with RainmakerV3 and decided for this switch. After that, 18 match unbeaten run, mostly with RainmakerV3+anchor, but S&Sv2_withoutRP when underdog. Lost only the last match of the season, to ManU in the EuroCup final. My squad is good, but still not THAT good. That's not to say that the Regista is not adequate, but I really had no options in my squad for registas. I would say there aren't many options in the FM-world, when compared to the amount of good Anchors available. Observations on RainmakerV3: - I almost always concede. Weirdly, I concede after I already scored twice. When I concede, I switch to S&Sv2 and stop conceding. - The SS scores much more than the F9. - My fullbacks are not getting injured constantly anymore (could be a result of 14.3, though) - MC assists much more than RainmakerV2 in 14.2.2 - I don't have this frustration of 1on1s missed. Seems to be working well for me. However, my keeper is stopping many 1on1s from the AI. I am on the other side!
  6. I have mentioned it a few times in the past, but you should try this S&Sv2_counter version I have adapted: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lshc7y98jkflvr4/SSv2_Counter.tac Works well againts big teams who dominate possession, it works against small teams who are trying to counter you. I have not used it for a full season to get a grasp of its consistency, but it should help you get out of some bad runs.
  7. Finished my 5th season with Rimini (C2 > C1 > B > A[3rd]). Time for the summary: Won Italian SuperCup against Juventus on penalties. Won Italian Cup (Juventus was not in my path, which made it easier) In CL Playoff, lost against Sporting on penalties, missing the CL group stage. In EuroCup I fell on the quarter finals against Valencia (great result, IMO). In Serie A, finished 4th, worse than last year. Home Record 2nd, Away Record 7th. And this brings to my first observation this season. S&S stopped working away. I also tried for a while my "Counter" version and "S&S without retain possession" version. They worked eventually, but were as inconsistent as the original S&S. I have no idea why. Playing away has always been very solid in the previous 4 seasons, really surprising. Rainmaker at home was great. I had my CF (Kelvin) score 5 goals in each of two home consecutive matches, for example. Rating 10 in both matches. Impressive! He was also the league's top scorer, broke all goal records available. About away performances, I can only think my squad might not be good enough. The team is indeed young (avg 23), especially my young goalkeeper, who seems to dumb up when paying away. Also, I am 19th in the league in the "positioning" attribute. So, for now, I will continue working as good results are still there, keep improving the squad and hoping for the best. Stadium + young/training facilities upgraded again. Slowly building up to become World Class. Also noticed that many of my players that started the season with a 4-4,5 stars for current ability have dropped to 2-2,5 by season end. Reality is starting to be perceived by my AssMan. About Serie A, Juventus still is an unbeatable force. Won ALL leagues between 2013 - 2018. This year: 1 - Juventus 92 2 - Napoli 72 3 - Lazio 71 4 - Rimini 71 (direct confrontation with Lazio left me in 4th. won 3-2 home, lost 0-2 away) Other stats: - Conceded 12 from corners (3rd in league). Juventus, for example, conceded only 2 from corners! - Scored 11 from corners. Balanced... - My top assistant was the MC. This guy is performing very well (Davide Petrucci) - F9 had 8 goals + 8 assists. Average, IMO. F9 is also a position I monitor closely as I always expect a lot from him and nothing special happens. I might try next season your suggestion, retraining an AMC might be a good idea, as the F9 is much more a midfielder than a striker, in a practical way. See you guys in 2019
  8. Yes, I also reported this a few posts/threads back. This was more usual in the lower divisions on my rise to Italian Serie A with Rimini, as bad markers tend to be very aggressive when marking dribblers. In Serie A the situation has improved, but I still get the eventual injuries in the FBs. I would say that for lower levels I had to keep 4 FBs from each side in the main squad, to cover for the constant injuries. In Serie A, I have "only" 3. Anyway....offensive dribbling FBs are one of the best offensive outlets of S&S. It's a tough decision to try and change that.
  9. I notice that my BBM who plays on the side of my best full back performs better. He has a better 'partner' and usually has more space and more options. All you guys said is also relevant, I believe.
  10. I know exactly why. Before that, a brief update in my game: I started with Rimini in Serie C2 Italy, and climbed quickly to the top, finishing 3rd in Serie A in my first season. All that using S&S(v1, then v2 when it was released). Rainmaker used in rare occasion, but never as a starting tactic. Now, in my second season in Serie A, things are weird. Using Rainmaker at home is working well, but S&S stopped working when away...which was the only thing that never failed in the previous 4 seasons. My reputation has increased, I have some very good players for Serie A. I am now seen as a danger and S&S is not working anymore. So, AI teams now prepare better to face me. As Rainmaker and S&S are possession-based tactics, with short passing, the AI "learns" that after a while and their counter-measure is to push up their defensive line, compressing the lines and congesting the midfield. This disrputs possession-based/short passing game. The solution: Switch to a counter+direct passing model. I have a S&S_counter, which is helping me a lot in these first half of the season. Playing away, I defeated Inter away 5-1, defeated away CSKA 4-1 (Euro cup) and other good results. By switching the mentality to counter, you bring their forward line into your field, increasing the space between their offensive and deffensive lines. This gives more space in the midfield. With direct passing, as soon as you steal the ball (S&S defensive mechanism continues working greatly), the ball goes from defenders to midfielders, which connect immediately to strikers who outrun defensive lines which are standing almost in the kick-off circle. I can upload this S&S_Counter later, in case someone wants to try (other people in the thread reported bad results with S&S away as well). If someone wants to try by themselves, apart from using Counter Mentality+Team Direct Passing, it is important to remove "short passing" from the individual instructions of everyone except the DCs and the DMs. This will avoid looooong passing, if you know what I mean. Direct passing will be left to the guys who know it. Another thing. If you employ this for some time, the AI will push back their defensive line, nullifying direct passing. Time to switch back to S&S and make good use of all space available in the midfield. PS (edit): Even though I am not happy with the away performances and results, I am sitting 3rd in the Serie A, 4 pts behind Juventus, in early December, which is great! But I know it could be better!!!
  11. I am with Rosler in this. Consider only the overall star level. If the game says that a guy is a 4-star F9, it means they do well in the attributes the GAME considers as relevant for a F9 which, in some cases, means absolutely nothing. About attack, I have deployed all kinds of guys in the CF/F9 positions: trequartistas, advanced forwards, poachers, etc. I have had successes/failures without a specific pattern. My current CF is doing great, but he is a trequartista by nature. I have him in an individiual training to develop the CF role, but he is not quite there yet. I don't think this is the main thing. Another example: My best F9 ever was an AML (Francesco Nicastro), which I retrained. His best role was Inside Forward. Go for Rosler's key attributes and you should do well.
  12. What I have noticed after using Fulcrum for 5 seasons is that the BBMs have a very important role into helping the fullbacks in marking their men. For lower levels, I would even say that it is great to have native DMs doing these roles, resulting in 2 very strong, marking-specialists on the sides. However, it is important that their teamwork/work rate attributes are relevant, so they can leave their positiong to float to the sides and support the FBs in their marking duties. Sometimes we tend to think too offensively and it is great to have three great passers/creative guys in the midfield, but sometimes we have to take care of our defense first. Don't know if it will work for you but...have a look. Ideas can come from everywhere.
  13. Concluded my 1st season in Serie A. Ended in 3rd, getting the last CL spot. Amazing result overall. Got to the Italian Cup final, losing to Juventus 2-0 (1 own goal, 1 post-corner box scrum). Juventus won ALL Serie A until this one in 16/17. Tough guys to beat. However, I still get the 'feeling' that v1 worked better for me than v2. Conceding too much and a lot of inconsistency. Luckily, the other teams were inconsistent as well. Once the tactics got from 90 to 100% fluid, I observed more solidity so, for now, my next season will keep with v2 untouched so I can try and have a better understanding and conclusions to provide solid feedback. As I had a Media Prediction of 20th, I employed S&Sv2 95% of the times. When I got the lead, I switched to my 'counter' version to retain the lead, which worked most of the times. When I suffered a goal and continued being pressured, I switched to my 'counter' version to attempt to score on long balls. This works eventually. When suffered a goal and the other team 'pulled the handbrake', I went on with Rainmaker, which rarely helped me breaking their sitting back. Next season I will try the SS away, RMK home model, for a more solid feedback. Still thinking if I'll have the guts to start a match with RMK. Final result was great so nothing really bad to 'complain', just minor things tingling in my head. Other comments: - Got job offers from Milan and Inter...to hell with them!! - My CF (Kelvin) was top scorer in the league. My F9 (Gianmario Comi) got an award of Media's Best Player (or something like that). - Most assists came from the strikers themselves, serving each other frequently. - Rimini was the best attack in the league (73 goals), but 9th in Conceded goals (49) - Of the 49 goals conceded: Corners 15, IFK 5 and DFK 1. I scored 15-6-4, which makes it quite proportional.
  14. Thinking about that, I'd like to suggest something. I remember one of the first versions of Fulcrum, where the CM guy used to be an Advanced Playmaker/attack. This guy was huge back then and most feedbacks reported him being the team's top goalscorer. Showing up in the area constantly to conclude, arriving as a surprise element for some unexpected headers, doing one-twos with the strikers, etc. At some point in time, Rosler identified it was not working anymore and "pulled him back". I don't remember exactly the circumstances of this switch...maybe Rosler can rescue this memory. However, back to topic, maybe bringing back the AP/A role for the CM would make him 'occupy more' the central lane, forcing the strikers a little bit to the sides, so they can finish with more angle more regularly. Currently, I agree with you, as the F9 also comes deep very frequently, the CF is usually facing the GK straight ahead. I'd love to test instead of only suggesting, but I really get to play only 2-3 matches per day. Takes a couple weeks to close a season. PS: I have played around 7 matches with v2 (Rimini, Serie A [italy], media prediction 20th). A couple draws, and a couple bizarre scores like 5-5 and 5-4 and, in general, I am conceding much more than I was. I will not conclude my judgement until the end of the season but, if it doesn't work well, my 'villain' will already be 'retain possession', I know that!! PS2: I just realized my Forum join date is Dec/2002!! Man, I'm old!!
  15. Forgot to mention 1 thing: Changing the tactics for their v2 counterpart resulted in NO loss of fluidity, in case someone is worried to change during the season. Other posters have implied this, but I confirm it from my experience.
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