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  1. Hello, ive just noticed in January on my save, the scouting assignments I set at the start of the season are still on prepairing/not started yet. Sure they were working in previous seasons. I’m not at my laptop at the min to upload my save but was just thinking I’d post now in case I’m missing something obvious. I’ve attached a few pics I took earlier which might help. Thanks.
  2. I've just been able to reject their offer and cancel the transfer in October. Suddenly got a 1 on my transfers tab and the X was clickable on the deal.
  3. I loaned out Mkhitaryan to Barca with a mandatory future fee after X amount of games, he rejected the contract but went on loan anyway(he was unhappy) and the fee became optional. They activated the fee after making a 7.5 offer(rejected) then a 11.5 offer(triggered the transfer). From then on nothings happened regarding the transfer/contract offer. Just still says he's under a bid and he has a slight unhappiness wanting a chance in the first team. The offer was made on 21/06/2020 and I hoped that the end of the transfer window would just cancel the deal, but nothing happened then either. I've uploaded the save to the ftp under fm/game-save/mu.fmt
  4. Had a feeling this would be the problem! As I say I can still play FM on my work laptop, and I'd need my second laptop to be a Mac as I need to mirror the file system with my work laptop. Not a chance I'm buying a new Mac just to play FM ha. Shame. This laptop has been class for nearly 10 years and now it can't even install the latest iTunes. Thanks for your help though.
  5. Hiya, Firstly hope this is in the right place. Haven't been here for a while but couldn't see a suitable forum. I have an old MacBook that basically gets used for typing out invoices and getting music. Pre-FM2016 I also used it for FM but with last years edition it had outgrown it. I know nothing about hardware past hard drives and RAM so I was wondering if upgrading my graphics card / anything else would make it a bit more useful(plus I could use my work laptop for work while playing Football Manager again(which is the real reason for all this really!)). My MacBook is a early 2008 13inch A1181. 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM Intel GMA X3100 144 MB graphics Running 10.7.5 (Know this is quite naughty but I haven't been able to update the OS on it for a while) I get the feeling the cost of upgrading it while be more than I'm willing to pay, but it's worth an ask. Hopefully this is all the info you need. Thanks.
  6. Strangely I looked again and I was able to send Iheanacho to an affiliate(even though he wouldn't go) in August(it was July when I was originally trying). Still not really sure why I couldn't at first though
  7. I'm probably missing something really obvious here, but why is Move To Affiliate grayed out for some players? I have the option to send most of my squad to an affiliate but I've noticed 2(Kalechi Iheanacho & a regen) players don't have the option.
  8. Good to see its not just me / a Middesbrough thing. I got promoted with Hull before and completely messed it up in the Premier League(sold all my good players to rebuild with players from Norway - it was embarrassing) but even the players that were still in the team from my first season didn't get upset until it was very late in the season. Made me think it might be a Middlesbrough thing. I'm not sure if this ruined my save but it definitely got a lot worse whenever the SLTs appeared. Will try and again next season when (hopefully) Boro are a premier league side.
  9. Avoid relegation. I carried on and the board were still 'pleased' right up until the last two games which I lost both and got relegated(and sacked) on goal difference. Strangely enough around mid to late December the SLT's cleared despite being in a worse position, won manager of the month in January then the SLT's came back after a couple of losses against big clubs then just went into free fall
  10. I'm a Boro fan so I have started a load of saves with them and every one of them goes the same way... First season walk the Championship, think the lowest I've finished is 2nd. Second season I hover around mid-table, board happy - players not so. It's happening again now, it's November and I'm 11th in the Premier League and nearly my whole team thinks we're underachieving. Off the top of my head the highest this has happened was when I was 9th in January. This just doesn't seem right, I think any newly promoted team would be happy outside of the relegation places, or even in them and still in touch with the rest(i.e. not Villa this season). Has anyone else experienced this? Is their anything you can do to change their view on FMT?
  11. How often do you play FM?

    When my son was first born my game time collapsed massively, due to the massive amount of adapting and my girlfriend bringing it up any time it got stressful as part of an argument I could never win... ...but now more than ever. He's 9 and a half months, crawling and playing by himself so I'm playing it more than ever. Luckily I only work a few nights a week so spend all day sat on the floor with my kid one side and FM the other. Great success! Although I worry about my addiction, but I just blame the little enabler.
  12. Unrealistic Expectations

    I had unrealistic expectations at Middlesbrough. Not from the media or board but the squad. My first season promoted to the PL I was expected to avoid relegation(fair enough!) but at New Year I was 9th then Downing and a couple of players got upset that we were underachieving. Soon spread and morale nose dived, ended up staying up by a point and keeping my job. I won one of my first 5 games in the next season(2 were against big 4 teams, and another against the last seasons champions Spurs), the SLT's came back and I struggled through the season getting relegated and sacked on the last day. Restarted and around the same time my team got upset for the same reason, although this time I was 11th but ended up going down in my first PL season. Both times I had no pressure from the board at all and the only down bit on my board confidence was squad harmony, who to be fair were all upset. I've been promoted with other teams and struggled and barely had any whinges, is this a squad problem or is it because I properly walked the first season in the Championship in both my Boro saves?
  13. Penalty Replays

    I keep forgetting to try this, but I've accidentally clicked the back/rewind button during a goal replay and its seemingly shown me more of the build up. Would doing that show you the foul?
  14. I've tried to sign players with decent leadership and determination but it hasn't helped so far ha. Mind starting off against Spurs(won the league last season), Arsenal, Chelsea & Man City probably isn't a good test of that.
  15. Ah bugger yeah, know you can see that through the editor(?) but I'm not really keen on using any of that. I was thinking determination and team work could influence it, but couldn't work out if higher attributes would be better or not i.e. Would a highly determined player get more upset if he thought the team wasn't doing well enough, or would it spur him on to do better. Suppose that depends on his hidden attributes though... Some others I thought could be important are bravery, leadership and possibly even decisions. Could they make any difference in this situation or do you think they solely relate to on the pitch?