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  1. Not just you, I seem to win and conceed a lot of penalties too. But I put it down to my tactic of either having ‘close down more’ or ‘get stuck in’ selected
  2. I meant the role ‘defensive midfielder’ not the position. think I’ll just loan him out and see what happens. If I’m still in the job long enough that is. It’s not looking good but it would be good to know for future reference.
  3. Signed a possible 5 star Brazilian dm for AC Milan, now I’m getting offers to loan him out to Belgium. Will he still learn Italian while on loan? I’m pretty sure the answer to this next question is no, but if I’m retraining him to the defensive midfield role, will he keep on learning that role while on loan?
  4. Burnsey85

    Doubt about FMT 18

    Yeah I got a lot in most saves, so it can definitely happen! Surprised it hasn’t happened once for you after that
  5. Burnsey85

    Media Shy

    Mad that. I’m in no position to answer but thought you’d still get questions from local papers and that
  6. Burnsey85

    Media Shy

    Don’t you get questions quite often? Like not weekly but at least once a month or when a players contract is due I’ll get a media question
  7. Burnsey85

    Non-EU slot - Italy.

    Just to keep it all in one thread, but keep getting these about players who have sell on clauses. ‘...over 0 months...’ - does that just mean I’ll get it all now?
  8. Burnsey85

    FM Touch reviews

    8... possibly 9. Few issues and I would like the ability to add and remove ‘full’ features(squad registration would be nice for me) but understand to please everyone with them it would be a coding nightmare.
  9. Burnsey85

    Non-EU slot - Italy.

    Managed to free up a slot for him by selling Frank Kessie. So I wont be able to try anything else but this doesn't seem quite right. I didn't post this in bugs forum as I thought it was something I'd done, but the more I think about it the more it seems buggy. If someone could move this for me that would be great thanks. I'm using FMT 18.2.2 on a Mac running OS X 10.9.5.
  10. Hello, Before I start I've done a search and struggled to find the answer, despite this being brought up a lot. So sorry if it's been answered somewhere already. I'm AC Milan and I'm a few seasons in, I've signed one player this season and that's Alex Tunzebe on a free who's a non-EU player, and sold Walace who was a non-EU player. Now it's saying I can't use Tunzebe until I open up a slot. When I signed him I was told I only had one slot left on the mail page when the transfer went through. Yet it still says he can't be used. How do I open a slot on FMT? Obviously you can sell a player but tried that, and it's something that can be done in the full when registering your team but that's not something you do on FMT. I can't even play him in friendlies? Surely that isn't right.. I didn't get a warning when signing Tunzebe, so didn't think there would be a problem. Plus I free'd up a slot by selling Walace anyway so it should be fine on two different counts? Thanks for any help.
  11. Ah yeah missed out missing training. Deffo two weeks fine for that, the bastards.
  12. I’ve just fell for this. Brought in Pepe Souare on loan for back up and thought I’d get a warning if I’d reached my non-eu limit. My non-eu players who are taking up the places are undroppable and can’t cancel Souare’s loan contract so gonna have to pay him 92k p/w and 325k monthly fee all season for a player I can’t use 😫
  13. Burnsey85

    Just a quick question

    Yeah they definitely are. I’ve had a few
  14. Didn’t think of the Italian ref angle, cheers! Was strange though, in the roles he played (Mezzala, Carrilero, & Ball Winning Midfielder) through the season he only got 7 yellows in close to 40 apparenances. That just seemed like a mad little run for him. Was wondering if anyone has gotten away with fining players for non-straight red cards in FM? Seems like a mine field.
  15. As above? My rules straight red - 2 weeks fine 2nd yellow - warning Regular 2nd yellows - 1 week fine What’s yours? Reason why I ask is I’ve only just had to go to the 1 week fine option after a player got a 2nd yellow, came back from the ban and got a second yellow in that game. Then he was available for the next match(Cup game, I’m in Italy so he was available) and got another second yellow. After warnings for the previous 2 reds I fined him a weeks wages and now he’s unhappy. Is it ever acceptable to fine a player for a second yellow?