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  1. Thanks for confirming my thoughts.. i have gone through with the purchase of Donnarumma. Just loaded up and completed the deal. Played my final preseason friendly, and then it the pre-match interview for the Charity shield and I am asked a shocking question that informed me HARRY KANE has been transfer listed by request. WTF I have NEVER purchased or shown an interest in him in any games and the possibility to purchase someone never had before and thus need to tactically figure out interests me. . . especially as Lakuku my only true out and out striker currently with Martial/Sanchez being the cover if I need it. Valued at £55m, they asking for £69m. Man City are the only other party currently interested in him but it has only been 1 day since he went on transfer list. It is more than I would like to pay for him but I think I try negotiate a deal with them, although Spurs current manager is upset with me given i basically called him an idiot for transfer listing Kane. lol Other thing related to the Donnarumma transfer. Ac Milan purchased Sergio of me for £9m + 30% profit (and the dumbest thing i ever seen as an addon fee - £1 in 12month installments for 3 years ... thats is right, they gonna give me 33pence a year for 3 years!!!!!!! I kept it in the deal as it was such a hilarious offer) so that brings the net cost of the deal to £22m and if they sell him it be even less. Looking at their team he be going straight into being their #1 goalkeeper as Montipo is upset and transfer listed and Soncin who appears to be their sub keeper is youth player on loan list.
  2. At the start of my 3rd season after an amazing 2nd season that had us go unbeaten in the league (29wins, 9 draws) and I got an interesting decision to make. Real Madrid as always was sniffing around De Gea and I was struggling to get him to agree a new deal and so I went in for Donnarumma as a replacement. Milan of course kept knocking me back, wanting as much as Real Madrid offered for De Gea (just over £60m) so in the end I decided I was going to risk it and not go any further. Anyways, I got De Gea to agree they were not offering enough and it appears Real Madrid got priced out and 2months later their interest has gone and De Gea contract will run for 2 more years ... But Donnarumma was so upset about the rejected bids he forced through a transfer request and they want only £31m for him and he willing to take a massive pay cut to sign a 5yr deal and join us. Wondering if I should try and get De Gea contract extended now, and still bring in Donnarumma for rotating in constantly (will mean selling Sergio though who always done well for me). Sure it be a lot for a 2nd goalkeeper in regards to transfer funds and wages but finding it tough as I don't really need him if madrid do not come harrassing again... but if they do it be impossible to find another young quality keeper for that price :s
  3. He can pretty much be trained to play any position and do amazing there. Hope his potential lives up to his starting stats.
  4. And now I got a really difficult decision to make. Offer from Chelsea for Rashford. £42m upfront £30m over 3 years £20m after 20 international appearances 40% of profit on next sale. He got 18months on his contract so would be offering him a massive payrise in the summer but he not one of my "must keep" players as I only play with the single forward 99% of the time and no way he can replace Lakuku. He played mostly on the left wing but again there many a player that could play there and I am pretty sure I can find replacements for hell of a lot less than that amount. Especially as his stats been pretty settled for about 6months now. Letting him go would give Sanchez more play time (see above) as well as Martial so it really is appealing but if I am wrong and he can improve more than it could be a serious mistake. This is why I hate my young players (yet love them so much it all i purchase!(
  5. That didnt take long. 6 months at teh club and Sanchez already moaning about not enough game time (picked both him and Ozil up on the free). Not my fault that the others been playing better then him thus he finds himself in rotation. At this rate I will have to sell him if there any takers at end of the season. Bit annoying but wont complain as should make a profit even considering high wages he has
  6. Close call against Barcelona there. Beat them 3-0 in first leg after playing pretty much strongest lineup i had which i do not always do even against the big boys in cups. Switched to my weaker but decent team that should have coped with holding such a lead even at the Nou Camp. Well **** hit the fan and was just making subs at the time i went 3-0 down... eventually it was 5-0 down yet somehow I managed to get it to 5-2 and go through on away goals. So decide to check out how the Spanish league going as it was a close battle just before xmas (now on 11 april) ... find out that after all played 32 games it sits as follows: 1st - Athletico madrid - 72 pts 2nd Real Madrid - 72 pts 3rd Barcelona - 72 pts
  7. Had a bit of rotation in that spot. It mostly is Mata or Mkhitaryan although been stupid and thrown Zlatan there a couple times when not been happy with either of them. Use Advanced playmaker (Attack) at AMC. In MC I have Advanced playmaker(support) and Deep laying playmaker (defense). With AML (IF-support) and AMR (Winger support). Lakuku gets a lot of headed goals, it his main way of scoring i would say which is unfortunate. Training him with Complete Striker currently in a hope to improve his overal stats.
  8. In my 1st season I have him as poacher and he doing decent there in the 4-2-3-1 formation. Admittingly I tried him as a CF as well in that formation and he was not bad but seems to come to more form as a poacher. 36(5) appearances - 36 goals, 6 assists. This includes him just banging 3 goals in against Real Madrid to over a 3-1 loss in the first leg
  9. How much Pinamonti set you back out of interest? May put a cheeky bid in for him in the January window when I can do my first bit of transfer business. Got a few people I am looking to get in the squad. Thinking maybe Tierney from celtic to cover the weak left back slot that Blind been playing in mostly for me as Young was doing trash there. Sergej Milinkovic Savic is on my radar too but I feel I wont get the most use out of him unless I offload Mikhi and Mata so not sure if I want to go there
  10. First surprise of my game has arrived. 15 league matches played, Liverpool are down in 14th and sacked Klopp!!!! They are just 6pts outside the relegation zone on 18pts. 6 wins, 9 losses! Im currently doing a Man City with a lot of thanks going to my forward players all being amazing. Although the defense hasn't conceeded a goal in the last 8 league matches. We did go 0-2 down against Olympiacos within 30minutes however between a a change in formation and them having a player sent off just before half time we scored 4 goals in the 2nd half to win 4-2. Lukaku 18 goals in 20(2) appearances with 4 assists. Lingard being amazing out on the AMR (W) position with 7 goals and 8 assists in 17(1) appearances and Mkhitaryan with 5goals 8 assists in 14 (6) appearances in the AMC position. My issue now though is Mata returning from his early injury and he had 5 assists in 8 appearances at AMC so I got a decision to make if he should slot back into the position right away or let Mkhitaryan continue there for now. Got the ability to move Mkhi to the AML (IF) position but that means another person fighting for a position that Rashford (7goal, 3 assist) and Martial (4goal, 3 assist in about half the games as rashford) are fighting over. Christmas period will give a rotation chance though so least with all the players doing well upfront I wont have to worry too much about it.
  11. I luckily not had a game like that really yet. Just beat City 3-0 with 13shots, 6 on target so couldnt complain about that conversion %. Was kind of lucky to get a result. i played Celtic a few days before and put out a different team to what normally would and got a result there. apparently i hit space too many times, and the laptop had hung up and it jumped straight into the match with same team. a 4-2-3-1 with FELLANI of all players in the complete forward role! Been suffering a bunch of injuries to my forward players and was resting Lakuku with Rashford and Martial out injuried. It one the reasons I am not using my 4-3-1-2 narrow formation I started the season with. Since changing formations I been a lot more dangerous but so many CM players it hard to keep them happy (no transfers at start of game allowed) so I probably keep jumping between formations. On October 21st and currently unbeaten with the single draw against Arsenal being 0-0 .. I should have lost that one to be fair, they dominated most the game hitting the woodwork twice and 3 clear cut chances. I managed to create 3 clear cut chances myself in last 10minutes of the match but they had 3 times as many shots on target and deserved to win, that how lucky we were. I seem to be doing better in the more open games, scoring 3 against spurs and city .. teams like Bournmouth give me a hard time and defoe/king looked like they were going to tear me a new one at times on the counter. So far I am enjoying it. Can't wait till January to begin a mini clearout and getting a better balance to my squad.
  12. And so it beginnings. The new year is here. I now have the new Football Manager (it is always my "if no one knows what to get me, say this!" xmas gift ) Spent 5hrs just trying to decide how to set up my tactics etc and not even of the first day yet. This gonna take up all my post-christmas time i think. lol. Heard a lot of good things about this version so looking forward to really getting going.
  13. About to start my 4th season (will do some sort of review eventually of the start of my career. Just been too busy playing various games to sit and do it... maybe during the Euro Final if it not exciting .. or the F1 ) Just putting together some great transfer deals though. Transfer In: Real Madrid willing to sell Bale for : £40m+£9m after 50 league games+ £9m after 50 league goals +50% of future profit (as if that will happen, he 28 now so gonna get a few good years out of him but cant see him being sold, let alone for a profit!) Transfers out: Mata - Athletico Madrid have offered £30m upfront, 6m over 12months, 9m for 10goals, 9m for 50 league appearances (dunno if he manage that!). Although he been outstanding for me, at 30yrs of age his career has peaked and cashing in now is probably a good idea. Bringing Bale in, at 2yrs younger and able to play in same position should help cope with this loss. Januzaj - AC milan/Valencia have bids worth £50m currently on the table. Currently debating if this is the right move given his young age but to be honest I am struggling to see how I can turn the bids down. If this really happened I cant see the higher ups allowing me to refuse the offers so that too is leading me towards having to allow contract talks. Just be a shame to lose a young player that is a natural in all the AM positions.
  14. I went 4-1(DM)-1(MCL)-3-1 as something slightly different for a change. So much attacking talent I wanted to be able to make full use of them. I got rid of Fellani in the 1st winter transfer, only got 7.5m from Swansea for him but managed to get him off my books so better than nothing. I actually used him a bit in them first months of managing the club in order to help getting rid of him in winter
  15. I got Mammana in first season. One of my few signings. Even at that young age I started him in 25 Premier league matches (+3 sub) and a total of 40(6) appearances over the season. He done well enough for me playing alongside Smalling. And damn!!!!! Gigg's took over as Chelsea manager in February 2017, 14 days after he was replaced as my assistant by Vincenzo Vergine (Wanted an assistant with great scouting stats, and good at man management/determination to replace Giggs as I knew I wasn't going to renew his contract when it finished at season end.). He doing well there, but I missed the fact he was selling Hazard!!! He left to PSG for a low sum of £43.5m, would guess he was unhappy at no Champions League football... even if i had to pay a "same league fee" above this it still would have been an amazing deal if i could convince him to join.... I actually always have a season start and end save, so thinking of just looking to see if i would have been able to get him if I paid more attention to big names being sold off! Also want to check the reason he went so cheap. Going to Finish 2017-2018 before I dare look because he a player I never signed and I dont want to be tempted to restart my game from that point. lol
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