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  1. I always set the player status to first team and then leave them off the roster. Once they complain about playing time I promise them a slot and then fail to follow through. Once the unhappy message comes they always seem to mutually terminate. The process takes a couple months.
  2. This type of streamlining would vastly improve the game in all areas. Pregame shouts/tactics, squad training options, scouting reports in the inbox (you have to check reports one by one). Why isn't the scouting data listed in a popup window like for player attributes and the "I" button? Way too much click, read, back out and do it all over again every time you want to complete a task.
  3. As a bottom dwelling LLM one thing I'd like to see is a better/smoother transition from semi-pro to professional status. Right now you ask the board to go pro and they'll sometimes agree to the request and say they'll make the move at the start of the next season. More often than not they fail to follow through until you get to league 2 and you are left in complete limbo in regards to why. This drastically impedes your ability to manage the budget and contracts as there is only a five day window between the season update and June 30th. If there are conditions that need to be met the board should outline them or just flat out refuse so you know where you stand. Also, this is something that shouldn't be held off to the start of the preseason and should occur right after the season ends or in the weeks following the request.
  4. Not that I noticed... It makes me wonder why I have to pay for maintenance though when it's nothing but mud after several months. What exactly are they maintaining other than the stripes? We should be able to transfer list the grounds crew...
  5. I've had the same problem on a few saves; once the condition gets past the terrible stage it just stops displaying the condition. Related mini rant: I think the degradation levels for the pitch are way too fast. Some saves the pitch goes from perfect to terrible after only several months worth of games. I can see it getting bad towards the end of the season but not in October or November and especially not when the reserve and youth teams are playing only road games.
  6. I use the note option and keep a list of potential coaches there. A lot of times your potential replacements in case of departure make for some pretty good candidates...
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