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  1. Just a small bug to note. One of my players played a deep early cross. What looked like a miscommunication between Gk and Defender meant the ball just went straight in. The game definitely seems confused by it as it hasn’t logged on the XG match history or on the shot map. Definitely seems like a match engine glitch as it proper rolled in and the keeper was around 15 yards out of goal!
  2. I reported it after hearing it on the news then did see it’s correct anyway! Haha!
  3. Does it usually take up to 2 weeks after the cut off to get the update out? This one seems like a longer delay than normal!
  4. Double edged sword. yay we’re getting the update soon, nay this won’t be included haha!
  5. Coventry City have announced that they’ll be returning to playing their home games at the Ricoh Arena at the beginning of next season until 2031. Could this be added to the game for the 21.4 update? Or is it gunna be too late?
  6. I’ve also come across a glitch where if you signed a free player after November 20th, it seems to open a registration window where you can register any unregistered player, not just the one signed. This probably shouldn’t be allowed, but you should be able to register Moukoko before January 1st without this glitch.
  7. Brilliant thank you, a lot of people will be relieved by this. I very much appreciate the feedback and effort to put this right. Now just make it so that we can register him before January, make him left footed and the right height and we’re golden! Haha!
  8. Also.... I know it’s newspaper article so take it with a pinch of salt. It says he signed a pro deal at 16? When they changed the age that you can play in the Bundesliga from 17 to 16, did they also change the rules so that you can sign a pro deal at 16? If that’s implemented in the game that would also change things as you’d be able to negotiate earlier due to him signing the deal earlier? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/13229068/dortmund-youssoufa-moukoko-nike-contract-wages/amp/
  9. Lovely, is this issue likely to be sorted for the final winter update? Or do you have no idea yet currently?
  10. Isn’t the easiest solution for this to just remove the pro contract you’ve set for him and put him on a youth contract? That way the player can decide when you offer him a pro contract like with any other youth player? If you waited until his 17th birthday to offer him a pro contract you’d get him on a 2 year deal and this would remove that issue?
  11. Is there an update as to whether this will be fixed for the final winter update? I’m sort of in a limbo state where I’m only 6 months into a Dortmund save so if it gets sorted for then I’ll probably stop this save and wait!
  12. You can’t play Moukoko until January for Dortmund in game where as in real life he made his debut the day after his 16th birthday as you don’t have to register players under the age of 21. The game makes you have to register him which you shouldn’t have to!
  13. Thanks, I’ve started a new save and have moved on. Each new game starts with the bug there, but then after around January 2021 it seems to disappear and start working correctly. The only thing left is the thing where on the Club History, where you click the managers tab, it lists the trophies that Ole wins at United twice. But that’s the only thing as far as I can see so I’ll take that as a win 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
  14. I don’t think it’s specific to that save. It seems to be specific to some certain systems or specific criteria as I’ve seen many other players also have the issue.
  15. Okay, I started a new game using my graphics and stuff from before. But I’m using the new update. The bug was there at the start, then I’ve simmed an in game year and some point in that year it’s gone away and fixed itself during that save. The only issue that seems in place now, under Man Utd’s history under the managers tab, and Trophies that United seem to win log twice. That seems to be it now? I’m lost as to what is causing it. I’m loading up my long term save from before and gunna sim some time and see if the game decides to fix it at some point.
  16. Complete Fresh install of the demo from Epic Games (I didn't even have Epic before today so its completely fresh). Quick start for England. Unemployed....Solskaer....Bug is there still! FML.
  17. So, on a closer inspection. The rep does seem to have been working before, and is now too, I must have been mistaken there. The things that seem to be an issue is the 2019-2019 in history. Then the other things that don't seem to log are in his achievements, in his biography and under Man Utd's history if you click the Managers tab it comes up with a list of achievements and they don't log there either. I'm on steam, im just in process of downloading the epic version but in demo form (I definitely don't want to pay again haha!) to see if that's the issue. Im runn
  18. I've now tried this but to no avail. On that save game and a New Game. Still there. Any other ideas? It's such a petty bug but one that comes into play in long saves and effects the natural flow of the game when his rep doesn't improve even if he wins loads of trophies
  19. I’ll reply just here from now on then, was unaware which one I should be replying on haha! I’ll do that shortly again when I can get back to the game. However, as I said, I’d moved the steam Football Manager 21 and the Sports Interactive Football Manager 21 folders to a separate location so when I reinstalled the game wouldn’t that have effectively deleted my Cache or Preferences as they created brand new folders in their places? I’m running the game on a MacBook from steam if that helps narrow it down?
  20. I've just done a complete fresh install of the game, moved all the old folders from steam and the documents folder to elsewhere so it makes new ones on the install. Moved over just one saved game file, and the bug still there the same as before, and still happens with a new game?
  21. I have done so, Elliot Danks - Unemployed Backup I've just done a complete fresh install of the game, moved all the old folders from steam and the documents folder to elsewhere so it makes new ones on the install. Moved over just one saved game file, and the bug still there the same as before, and still happens with a new game?
  22. Yeah I had checked over the pregame editor and everything seemed fine with him which is even more strange on how to fox the issue. I’ve asked around people who play the game and it seems around 50% of people are getting the issue! I can really see any common themes as to why it’s happening! Thank you!
  23. For as long as I remember, the Adaptability and Working with Youngsters stats have been impossible to improve. When starting the game Unemployed with no badges or experience, when your stats start at 1, to then being 10 years into a save and the rest have improved but these are still 1 can be incredibly frustrating. Can we get an official answer for once on this if it’s by design or is it just a long standing bug?
  24. Can any of the mods take a look at this? ive had it on every save since release and as far as im aware, others have too? seems quite a large bug. As you can see in screenshot 2, im in 2027 and he's won multiple awards, league titles, champions leagues and they haven't logged. his biography says he's been out of work since 2019 and his rep also fails to improve due to this error also!
  25. Bump. What are the chances of getting my save looked at to see if this can be fixed?
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