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  1. The things I wish for would be to do away with the Classic vs Full sim mode. Both modes have features that are independant of each other that I want in my game. From classic I feel the news and immersion feels a little better, and Instant Result/Match Plans are great, TBH Id prefer the Match Plans to be like in FML and you watch the game while running a match plan, allowing emergency changes to be made or switch to a different plan mid game. What I prefer in Full mode is everything else, full staff control and the ability to set what your staff can do for example. I really dont see why ALL features here could not be optional, I mean in Full mode you can choose to have your assistant to do so much I dont see why you cant enable Match Plans. I know theres skins out there with Instant results, but these do not allow you to create a match plan of your own, nor do they make substitutions. On another note I tried letting the Director do his job of hiring players, in my opinion this REALLY needs to have more user input. I was playing a 5-2-3 (3CD, WBL/R, 2CM, 3ST) and all the director kept trying to hire was Wingers which were not being used in that formation. We should be able to customise the positions at least, but also quality would be good too. Considering I left staff to my chairman 1 time and all the ones he got were rubbish (1 for JA/JP on a scout for example) I would want them to hire a certain quality as a minimum on players, and sometimes when I may need to have a backup to my star players I could set the quality to be lower.
  2. dang.. I was planning to send a majority of my first team on holiday (everyone who had played 20+ games) after winning the league, go on holiday myself allowing my assistant to play the backups for a couple of league games.
  3. Depends on your perspective, are you someone who likes signing unknown talents (usually LLM player) or someone who likes to sign their real life heroes? Unknown go with Fantasy. Known players go with Returning Stars.
  4. Match plans?

    yes yes yes yes.. FM10 just feels so cumbersome without them now Im used to them in FML. This is especially useful if your in situations where you can quickly be distracted by RL. To quote Smithers "Iwanit, Iwanit, Iwanit, Iwanit, Iwanit"
  5. yeah I had to do this with FM09, steam constantly throws back the error "game is not available at this time" if Im in online mode.
  6. Who designed the interface?

    I still think the FM 2006 skin was the best looking, 2007 was simular to it but not as good, 2008 started the white out and its been downhill from there, looking more and more like CM each time and I hate CM's interface, not to mention the game itself.. FM is a far superior product.
  7. Actually once you get used to it you will find it of tremendous benefit.. This was first introduced in Football Manager Live and people were initially put off because they didnt understand it, once they figured it out people started using it to great effect. Basically the wizard creates the base of a tactic, the touchline instructions work a treat to changing how your team behaves in this tactic. So instead of having several copies of the same basic formation you only need one and change between the playing styles. Ie standard for normal play, contain to close out a match and overload to come back. What you need to understand though is if you want to use the touchline instructions do not change too many of the individual instructions as the touchline instruction wont change anything you put in yourself (leave em grey). As you point out the classic formations are still there so you can keep your 100 tactics tailored for each situation.. I like having mine limited to 3 or 4 which I can change on the fly.
  8. Ok first thoughts excellent improvements on FM09, I like the new match engine, players seem to play how I want them to play, the tactics creator a big + too, good take from FML. Backroom staff excellent improvements there, always thought they seemed a bit shallow, would like the Assistant Manager recommend a selling price much like scouts can recommend a purchase price, CPU clubs are always wanting well over the players value where they will only offer around your players value. The AM giving a guide on how much to accept would be nice. Also would like some better thinking on the recommendations on signings, I get one message from backroom staff saying to buy a specific 16 year old, his pretty good after scouting them 3.5 star recommendation and stats all good for his age (15+ in key stats) I make a bid then get the head coach saying his not good enough and I should cancel the bid. Also a few bugs to sort out. If Im in a match and change screens, often the Opposition Instructions page is blanked. Also scouted and made an offer for Juan Manuel Vargas got to contract offer and it said he wanted £90 per week and 1.1m signing on fee, this contract was rejected. I made another bid and this time it showed the correct asking wage of £39,000.
  9. FM09 worked fine on Vista64 for me, activated via steam. Had my Vista64 HD crash yesterday so forced to use my old XP drive. Thing is steams now giving me a "Server is too busy try again later" message when attempting it at the moment. Whatever happened to using the CD-Key encoded with the game disc rather than online? I mean not everyone has internet and activating by phone is not something everyone would want to do.. should come with a warning "internet connection required". Cant get the Uniloc one to work even with this "fix" I suspect its due to the key being wrong I cant tell whether they are 1's or I's or 0's or O's.
  10. Ok guys with the slowdown, not sure if its the same issue, but something you can check. When it slows down open up task manager and check your processes, sort them by alphabetical order and scroll down you "System.exe" is this using any CPU power? Usually for me I experience this slow down within the first 5 games I play, its something in the match engine doing it. If you are having this problem what you want to do is download Process Explorer from Microsoft. Install this and load it up, essentially this is an advanced version of task manager. Notice the interrupts and DPC's are showing CPU use? Now go to the system process in process explorer and double click to open it. Look at the threads tab, sort it by CPU (the second column) and the top one is likely the problem, on mine its ACPI.sys, select it and click "suspend" this will free up the CPU and remove the lagginess. Remember to resume it again before turning off the PC because it wont shut down without it, I also recommend if your afk to resume the process because it should eventually stop causing problems, which can take several hours sometimes. I would like to point out Ive had the same issue with FM07 and FM08 so nothing exactly new to FML.
  11. 8.02 Patch Wish

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by kevsback: BOARD CONFIDENCE - SORT IT OUT ! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Agreed Boards unhappy with my performance because of the teams cup performance, they were knocked out of the cup 4 months before I joined the team.