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  1. The things I wish for would be to do away with the Classic vs Full sim mode. Both modes have features that are independant of each other that I want in my game. From classic I feel the news and immersion feels a little better, and Instant Result/Match Plans are great, TBH Id prefer the Match Plans to be like in FML and you watch the game while running a match plan, allowing emergency changes to be made or switch to a different plan mid game. What I prefer in Full mode is everything else, full staff control and the ability to set what your staff can do for example. I really dont see why ALL features here could not be optional, I mean in Full mode you can choose to have your assistant to do so much I dont see why you cant enable Match Plans. I know theres skins out there with Instant results, but these do not allow you to create a match plan of your own, nor do they make substitutions. On another note I tried letting the Director do his job of hiring players, in my opinion this REALLY needs to have more user input. I was playing a 5-2-3 (3CD, WBL/R, 2CM, 3ST) and all the director kept trying to hire was Wingers which were not being used in that formation. We should be able to customise the positions at least, but also quality would be good too. Considering I left staff to my chairman 1 time and all the ones he got were rubbish (1 for JA/JP on a scout for example) I would want them to hire a certain quality as a minimum on players, and sometimes when I may need to have a backup to my star players I could set the quality to be lower.
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