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  1. Guys, thanks for your attention. But I still didn't get an answer to my question. What specific characteristic of which part in my PC is responsible for the speed of this particular operation?
  2. I believe that FM is developed by SI. And my question is about importing the shortlist in FM, not in Genie. I just use Genie to create the not so short "shortlist".
  3. Hello! My question is addressed to the developers of the game. I actively use the Genie scout and have discomfort when importing a shortlist created in Genie. Since I use the full player base (about 350,000), the import of the shortlist in the game takes about 15 minutes. At first the speed is quite high - about 5,000 players are added every 10 seconds, but by the end it drops to less than 1,000. The thing that the speed is so low looks weird to me, taking into account that in Genie scout it takes 4-5 minutes to load the full base (not only players) My question is: What specific characteristic of which part is responsible for the speed of this particular operation? Currently I have CPU: Intel Core I7 - 8700 (non-K) RAM: 32GB (2x16) Samsung 2666Mhz SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 128GB (game installed here) HDD: 2TB Hitachi (Steam is here) MB: Gygabyte H370M No Video card
  4. Tried Hough's 4-1-2-3 with worst team available in FM 2012 (portuguese Moura form the 2nd division). The wage budget there is already exceeded at start of the game, so there's no possibility in signinng any new players . Ended first 10 games with 4 points and regelation zone. What's strange i had an awsome results in friedly games had 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 loose. And clubs with similar reputation were beaten with results like 6-0, 9-0. After first 10 games chose other Hough's tactics - 4-1-1-2-2. With this tactics team at least started to gain more points. But still i relegated anyway. By the way, with this tactics team concedes lot of goals, much more than any other club in the league. Well, as you can see, tactics is not a panacea.
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