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  1. I'm sorry. Didn't see that you wanted it for tablet. I'm not sure to be honest. Someone else might be able to answer. Getting a google play gift card is an option.
  2. When you purchase a game on Steam, we offer the option to “gift” the item to anyone on your Steam friends list. The recipient will receive the gift as an attractive e-mail card with a personal message from you and instructions to redeem the game. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?p_faqid=549#gifts-whatare
  3. I rarely post here, but been playing with Roma recently and signed Pellegri. He's developed more than any player I've had in FM 2019.
  4. I haven't posted on the forum in a while. I'm currently in 2022 with Athletic Club and thought I'd share some of the player progress with you guys. Sadly I've yet to win anything which is rather disappointing after staying this long at the club. A mix of injuries to key players at bad times and poor morale as a result of several players wanting to leave has held us back. With that said we've managed to establish ourselves as a part of the top four. Going into the next season I think we could potentially challenge for the title as some of our exciting youth prospects are taking the step up to first team football. How last season ended: We've been disappointing in Europe. Although we've been in the CL the previous two seasons we've failed to go past the group stage. As a result of low coefficent rating we've been drawn against teams that simply have been too good for us to compete against. Notable signings i've made are Moreno from Newcastle (£20m), Ander Herrera for free, Odriozola (£25m release clause). Asier Villalibre After Aduriz retired Villalibre has been key to our team. He's had patches with no goals, but overall he's been one of our most consistent goalscorers along Williams. Delivers the goods despite pretty average attributes. Javi Martinez Bought at 18 from Osasouna. Not been able to break through in the first team although he's played a lot in the cups. Doubt he'll stay on next year. Unai Nunez Already a great talent at the start of my save. Has developed into a world class centre back, and as a result he' got 9 caps for Spain already. Inigo Cordoba He's been surprisingly good for me. He's saved me many times during injury crisis whenever I'm out of options up top. Sancet He's developed into a solid backup player, and should get some game time the coming season. Alvaro Odriozola His stats are fantastic overall, but unfortunatly he has too many games where he fails to dominate his half. He went from 17 to 13 pace over night after a 6 week injury some years ago, and has slowly rebuilt his fitness. One of my best players overall though. Mikel Merino Hasn't developed much since I signed him, but he was already a top class player when he arrived. Crucial in controlling the midfield. Regens: I've bought some off Osasuna and Real Sociedad. Quite a few are developed by us though. Carlos Merino He's already a very good La Liga player and is currently being played on the left a lot as we have few good options there. Jon Ander Santana A centre back converted left fullback. Struggled a bit with the tempo last season, but continues to develop and will be a great player in the future. Alejandro Jimenez He's gone from back up to rotation now, and will take over for Ander Herrera once his physicals starts dropping. Eneko Romo He's already an established first team player. Fernandez I've loaned him out to Villarreal hoping he'll get to play there this season. He's done decent in the second divison for Athletic B team the last two seasons. Jon Calvo He was loaned out to Girona last season and had an amazing season bagging 15 goals in La liga. Hoping he will perform for us in the first team this season as well. Great potential. Jon Royo He took over for Villalibre as the main man up top at the end of last season. His work rate and bravery aren't ideal, but he's overall game is very good for his age.
  5. I want to make Pogba unlearn his "dwells on ball" ppm. I asked my coach to do so, and he says he doubts Pogba will be able to unlearn, and that I should rather focus on teaching him "play one-two passes in order to change the pace of attack". Do I listen to my coach?
  6. If they are earning high wages less clubs will be interested, and the clubs interested will be less willing to pay a high fee.
  7. You have three playmakers. You don't need more than one. Maximum two. Don't exploit the middle, rather the flanks. I'm sure your play is too narrow. You might want to have it at fairly wide and not balanced too. Lucas should be ball winning midfielder, and Diaby can be box-to-box or cm. I don't know if he has the stamina to be box-to-box. Also consider having different roles on your cb's.
  8. @lam Your tactic is very attacking, way too attacking for my liking. You have a attacking mentality for the team and for all of your flank players. I'd consider changing Eriksen to Advanced Playmaker and perhaps give Lamela a support role. I don't think Walker or Rose are good enough going forward to justify them being wingbacks with an attacking role. I'd consider changing one of them to a fullback with a support role at least. Personally I also like to give my CBs different roles. Shawcross could be a stopper as he is aggressive, while Balanta could be cover. Just a suggestion. Remember you don't need to use the BBM role for your players to work all over the pitch.
  9. Looks like a good buy. He's got brilliant acceleration, also his decisions and work rate stats are good. I'd recommend training his first touch. He is english too which is also always a plus. Very difficult getting top english talent. They're rare. On my save i bought John Stones and Joe Gomez. They've developed into very solid defenders. You should take a look at them
  10. Show us a picture of him. How are his stats like? What are his wage demands?
  11. He's not in the game due to child protection laws. As he's under 16. He will be in the next edition.
  12. I saved up £50m to buy falcao. But he insisted on 10m loyalty bonus and his agent wanted 8m. Also he refused any less than 275k a week. He was fantastic for me the first season, but i'm not paying that kind of money for a 29 year old. So Wilson is gonna get his fair hchance in my second season.
  13. I say don't sell him. His english and seems like he is performing well for you. Since his value is £30m you might get similar bids in the future, and I can only assume he'll continue to play well. Doesn't look like you need to sell for financial reasons either concidering your transfer budget. With that said though, attribute wise he isn't very impressive. So if you have any promising talents you concider buying I would perhaps recommend selling.
  14. I would not have 3 BWM's. I don't see how that will work when you are in possession of the ball. I would have at most one BWM. You can play an aggressive style without having 3 BWMs, both De Rossi and Strootman are players that can offer a lot more, though I guess Bradley is a tad more limited, so I might choose him as the BWM. I would also add "Hassle the opponent" as an instruction, in order for your players to be more aggressive when it comes to winning the ball.
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