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  1. Thank you , Birmingham City in the Premiership first season any suggestions will do cheers
  2. Its been a while just a quick update on my current career Currently laying 4th in the Prem on 56 points in the middle of March =D Haow do I copy and paste the game screen onto here???? far too much to type in regards of players in and out
  3. Probably in the wrong section but Im struggling to find a decent one and in need of help any suggestions gratefully appriecieted
  4. Lol yeah always a drama being a nose... quick update as Im playing FM atm.... Played 14 .....Won 13 drawn 1 Lost 0 going well so far not bad for a mamoth 120K spent for a team that looked doomed from the onset
  5. Flipping hell m8 you never get any luck with this game lol I do that too roll save good luck m8
  6. Very very niceee m8 especially the result against the Vile :applause: Some nice signings too still looks as though its hard to shift players I'm still only 11 games in first season as I watch extended 3D highlights will update in January
  7. Does anyone know of any really good Dof?? I like using them to sell the deadwood
  8. Lol it says I have around £1.3 million budget atm so god knows where the £6.3 million profit went!! (in Carson's pocket ) I'm a wheeler and dealer anyway and with the 3 loanees I got in should be able to mount a serious title challenge haha krosotv 8 million should be suffice to get a few bargains in Just sent Lovernkrands out on loan to save some more wages..looks like a 3/4 season budget plan till the finances are restored I love a chellenge me
  9. ****UPDATE**** Just a quick update, managed to get Mauro Formica...Graig Gardner and Jamie Mackie on loan deals till the end of the season all 3 Prem experience and positions I needed just got manager of the month too currently 1ST in the table will update in Jan Total spent/recieved Players in 120K (all loan fees) Players out £6.5 mill That makes a profit of £6.30 mill and a drop in £30k wages saved Time for a complete re-haul in the summer!!
  10. Very nice going m8 killed that league I'm finding it particually diffficult to get players in noone wants to join 22K spent for a loan fee for Leroy Lita so thats that lol till January will update when the window re-opens KRO!!
  11. Nice one krosotv I will scout scandinavia immensely as I just can't get players to agree contracts either wanting to much or not willing to negotiate! Zigic is killing my wage budget have sold him 7 times for him to reject the contract offer soo need to get him off my books, I'm currently just entering Transfer deadline day and I've got money burning a hole in my pocket time to buy buy buy Will update just after deadline day KRO SOTV!
  12. UPDATE!!!! A week before transfer deadline so far so good with results - Blues 2 Oxford 0 CC (H) Watford 1 Blues 4 LGE (A) Blues 2 Bolton 0 LGE (H) Peterborough 0 Blues 3 LGE (A) Fleetwood 1 Blues 4 CC (A) That leaves me top of the league with a massive 22K spent! Looking to sell - Redmond for £5M (dont fit in my formation) Davies £8M That should leave me well over £10M for cheap continent players and to re-structure the terrible finances that Pannu/Carson have damaged KRO Noses!!
  13. Long time no see krosotv! nice opening thread btw Just started a new save with the mighty Blues as my last save I lost due to corrupt hard disk (bit of a coincidence lol ) this version proving to be the most challenging of all series! Still in pre-season so will update after the wheelings and dealings I'm going to have to make looking for an advanced playmaker who can hit a few plus a ST, any suggestions????? So far.... Players out - Jonathan Spector..... £2.8 M (would of wanted more but was deperate for a little cash) Players in - Tal Ben Haim..... Free ( again not my first choice but may be looking to cash in on Davies for £8.0M) Only 3 weeks in so will update after the window closes KRO noses
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