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  1. Sometimes I am amazed how simple the solution is. Stupid me! Thanks.
  2. Hadn't thought of that, but I shall give it a go.
  3. Makes sense I guess. Okay, I shall try downloading again later and see what happens.
  4. I thought somebody might say "it is working fine for me just now" or "I am having the same issue" Would save me a lot of time and trouble if I knew if this was a general thing or if it is just something wrong at my end. Sorry, but I didn't really play much of fm14 because I didn't like it so I want to try the demo this year before giving away my money. Thought I would get a quick reply, but these forums seems very very quiet compared to a year and a half ago. Did something happen?
  5. I will keep it short. Logged onto steam, clicked download demo button, all that happens is a screen refresh and then nothing. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Have they changed that then? Because it used to be a factor according to SI.
  7. Not saying they shouldn't try, but I think it would have been done by now if it was going to work. Footy MMOs just don't have lasting appeal. FML was awesome compared to every other online footy game out there, it had virtually no competition, but even that failed. If people don't play a game that has no competition then surely there just isn't the market for it long term. Although saying all that I seem to remember SI didn't advertise the game or sell it in shops until game worlds had been established and were starting to dwindle. I don't think that helped the cause.
  8. It's my opinion. Life would be boring if we all kissed arse to get browny points. I'm too old to be playing that game, but it's my opinion that it will fail because I don't think football management and MMO work together, not on the scale that Sega will want it to work anyway. If you don't like my opinion then i apologise. People predict football results before a ball has been kicked or teams announced. People believe in God with no evidence to back up their beliefs. I believe FMO will fail, but feel free to berate me if it doesn't.
  9. Two official matches was not my solution to the ME problems, it was regarding players ageing too quickly. Many online football management sims only have two times a week when they have official matches and they work fine. As for having nothing to do and waiting to get rights to play, that's got to be pretty unhealthy to want to be playing that much. It should be a game with long term goals that you don't have to play 24/7 to be any good at. It's a game and is supposed to be fun, not a way of life!
  10. Hi, anyone have any idea when a final patch will be out? I've held off buying the game this edition because I never really enjoy it until it has a consistent match engine, but I'm starting to get restless!
  11. It will fail for one of the same reasons FML failed. Unfortunately with a game like this the match engine is the most important part of the game and rightly so it always need improving and updating. The problem you get with this is that most players base their tactics and signings depending on what works with the match engine, and once the match engine is tweaked or updated then this significantly affects the way your team performs and can destroy hours and hours of careful planning and team building. Until SI find a way around this which I don't think is possible unless you want the match engine to stagnate then I can't see an MMO being successful. Couple this with the obvious fact that people get bored once players with real names become old or retire and they then want to start again in a new game world, you are fighting a losing battle. A simple solution for the real players retiring would be to make an in game year last about 4 months and only have official matches twice a week, the rest being made up of friendly comps etc. That way a player would only age 3 years over one real year and keep the attention a lot longer. My solution to the ME problem would be to have an off season lasting about a month where there would be no official games and any ME updates would be implemented at the start of the off season giving people time to adjust to them ready for the new season. You can't go messing with people's game when they have worked hard to find a winning formula and then it all goes tits up because of a game update. Just my thoughts, hopefully they won't go unnoticed. PS: I played FM live from beta until its death and have played CM/FM since the Domark days.
  12. Can't you just download face packs, real name fixes etc like before? As for the German team, is there not a work around for that?
  13. Well there is the problem that when they patch the game none of your tactics will work anymore because of match engine changes and you might get sacked while you are trying to figure out a tactic midway through a season. I won't be buying the game until the final patch is out as I never fully enjoy them until then. May as well continue playing fm13 whilst I enjoy it.
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