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  1. gone back to the 4-1-4-1 , yeah the cross out wide are one thing I'm seeing but luckily I have some big defenders who are doing ok so far, but if becomes a problem what do you think would be the best way to deal with that,
  2. Yeah I did move my LB to support I'm liking it so far just getting used to the low block, weird watching my players drop back and not pressing
  3. I've just started making a counter attacking strategy (hopefully) my DLP has more direct passing and risky passes so far we have done ok with a few nice counter goals
  4. only played 2 games but won both, first against CSKA Moscow. I think counter will be a good plan going into my champions league. my 2nd game was just as good with 2 great goals, this 1 was great it started with the keeper rolling out to my DCB who plays a long ball over the top for my AF to beat the offside trap and finish well. same with the 4th goal , my LB wins the ball back and plays a direct ball into the left channel for my forward to run onto and score Only thing I'm going to have to get used to is the low block, its so weird watching my player backing right off once the other team gets the ball.
  5. so far I'm only in preseason but I'm liking how we are playing, this is my set up. I did change the LB to FBs . I added more risky passes and more direct passing to the DLP
  6. thanks again for taking time to reply I've implemented your advice on counter strategy with my red star save because my mate can't play our online save
  7. yeah i'll have a look at that vid. also I think you are right about finding an overall strategy , I wouldn't mind making a counter strategy just don't know where to start
  8. so I've given up on the 4-1-4-1 and trying this and so far had a 2-2 with spurs but I'd love to get the best out of van beek
  9. Cheers for all the reply's I'm taking a lot on board , first off a DLP in dm which I do normally have. I will stick with the CMa coz he's been linking up well with the DLFs who drops deep and plays through balls , only problem is the CMa not finishing off the chance's
  10. Redmond went to man city Boufal was ok but missed loads of 1 on 1's
  11. Rms, lol my winger on the right was normally support with a FBa behind him. And I did started with a DLFs which worked quite well with the CMa but lost patience coz the CMa would get into the box and hit his shot wide or straight at the keep. Which is more down to the player then the tactic I know.
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