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  1. Agreed. Is there any way this can come back? The main screen on FM match day is one of the most recognisable in gaming history.
  2. Just played it quickly there v impressive. my only issue is on the main match screen when you score there is no longer a list of scorers, booked players etc. Only way to see this is by clicking updates. Is there another way?
  3. Hi do you know if the quick skip is available? Last couple of FM’s you would click to change tactics and match would zoom ahead to end if the half whilst info would still appear on screen ( goals , cards etc).
  4. Not instantly but the timer would speed up so quickly. Good for using in pre season friendlies or matches of little importance.
  5. Like a lot of the new features and the fact the game is quicker when not in a match. I take it the match time issue has been raised? 7 minutes my last match. Also does anyone know if you can skip through the match like in previous versions? Last couple of FM’s you could click to change tactic and it would speed ahead to the end of the half. Thanks Chris
  6. Same happened to me. Social feed page always the cause. Even happened after I uninstalled and re installed.
  7. Hi team my juve saved crashed end of August 16. This happened a few times so I uninstalled then re installed. Same thing happened again so I deleted the game and started a new game. It seemed as if everything was going faster when my game crashed again end of August. Always crashes on the social feed page. i just play game normally no special downloads or editor use. Chris
  8. Biggest flaw is the the tactics I used with the same players and same team in FM 15 (Barca) just doesn't even get close to working anymore.
  9. My game crashes at the pre match team talk. The phrase "unsupported team talk" means I cant start the game and I have to return to home and exit the game. Also injuries do no show up on the news feed. This happens all the time and this happened in the first demo path but was fixed in the second.
  10. Will there be a hotfix update at least in the pipeline? Just not sure why there was huge changes to the game when it was absolutely fine in 2.1? Amount of injuries, impossible to get rid of some good players in your squad and players wanting first team football when they have been rested for two games etc.
  11. Ever since the new update I haven't been able to get on. I have tried everything and have just uninstalled steam. Now I have forgotten my password and it is saying you cant access the forgotten password on the website only at your desktop. Please please please help. Really not happy now that is 60 hours of not being able to get onto the game I paid for. How on earth can you get the steam icon back on your desktop?
  12. Can anyone help? That's three days now that I haven't been able to play the game.
  13. Please can anyone help? I have uninstalled FM and installed again but it didn't work. I have verified the cache but again no joy. I have by mistake uninstalled the steam shortcut on the desktop. How can I get that back? Was told to uninstall steam but have no idea. Please help
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