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  1. saving player search filters works but when I try to import them again, the directory is empty: filter directory when saving: filter directory when importing: edit: posted at wrong place. please delete.
  2. Just tested it. It is still the case: Allow Assistant Manager pick and custom matchplan = no substitutions. No Assistant Manager pick and custom matchplan = substitutions made Substitutions also work for default matchplans and "no matchplan" option if they aren't edited with "allow assistant manager pick" in matchplan menu.
  3. If I tick the checkbox "Allow assistant to pick team" in my matchplan and run instant result, my assistant won't sub in any players in the match. Substitutions work whenver I don't allow autopick in matchplan. Examples of screenshot with working (assistant pick non ticked in matchplan) and non-working subs (assistant pick ticked in matchplan) are attached. My savegame is uploaded too: ftp://ftp-public@ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-save/Erster FMT Savegame - insta res sub bug.fmt
  4. Since 18.2 I only receive 5 or 6 scout reports per day instead of 100 despite using the unlimited scouting unlockable. Savegame is upped under /fm/game-save/: Erster FMT Beta Savegame - scouting bug.fmt
  5. Thanks a lot for the tactic. In 2nd season using it with Bayern far advanced in FM touch save I lost all league away matches in 1st season half. Forcing me to switch from Attacking Fluid to Standard Flexible after winter break. Since then I was solid in away matches again. 1st German 3rd league season using !GOODBYE3433P97.fmf with standard mentality and flexible shape - media prediction 10th: 2nd season - media prediction 18th: 3rd season - media prediction 18th: 4th season - media prediction 16th:
  6. The most offensive actions I got from libero were preassists like a AM(S) or CM(S) with hold position instruction or longshots from set piece situations ( | ) where I let him lurk behind penalty box. Libero passes to AM(A) who tries to assists the CF(S). unfortunately the CF(S) didn't score. When the halfback is the first one who pushes up, then my libero stays deep. In the long run I have to buy and retrain players with much higher offensive talent + teach them PPM's.
  7. in all my savegames with older default database and far in the future (2080+ and 2100+), it never crashed since 16.3 update.
  8. the crash returned even without real names fix. so I gave up the save with 16.2 database and created a new one. since then I had no crash again.
  9. I only used the FM16 Real Names Fix Files from sortitoutsi.net. edit: Using the 16.3 update of sortitoutsi competition name fix solved my crash problem.
  10. When I try holiday mode until end of season, the game crashes around 20th november. the test save is based on the database of 16.2.0. deleting cache, preferences and even reinstall didn't help. my only way to avoid a crash is: holidaying until 18th november and then continue holiday mode. name of dxdiag ( in game-crash folder): DxDiag RadoN2k12.txt name of crashdump ( in game-crash): RadoN2k12 holiday mode crash.dmp name of savegame: Taktiktest Tottenham med pred 6th.fmt
  11. Just create a empty matchplan with the same mentality and team shape of your tactic and assistant manager won't change your tactic during matches.
  12. If the role you choose doesn't provide the player instructions you need, then it's probably not the role you want to use.
  13. After finishing with auto-complete in entry draft and clicking exit draft, I get the following error: NEWS_ITEM::set_data(): the index is invalid screen: http://bildr.no/view/cHJUMDM2 I uploaded the savegame named "pre draft qc error.sav" in fm/game-save folder.
  14. I assigned nearly everyone to scouting (regional, NHL, AHL, ECHL etc.) with at least 2 stars. A few days later game crashed at reading a recommended player news. In the savegame I uploaded it is the 1st news item after red wings signing news. Savegame named "EHM Raid on Scouting Crash.sav" can be found in FTP folder /fm/game-crash.
  15. In my current save FM keeps crashing when trying to access the job center. deleting preferences, cache and verifying didn't help. I'm using 360 total security as antivirus. name of the crash dump: job centre crash FM 2015 v15.1.3.572980 (2014.11.14 01.04.49) dxdiag name in game-crash folder: radon2k12 DxDiag.txt
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