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  1. Hi, This league seems not be compatible with the new actualization (21.3). I've tried to open and verify it in the FM Editor, and shows some kind of error with Fifa Club World Cup (it said that there was only two teams of seven that it should had). Would you know what could be happen?
  2. https://steamdb.info/app/1263850/ Still without modifications in about an hour. Maybe the files are ready and they're doing these tests.
  3. No upload since 1 hour ago https://steamdb.info/app/1263850/ Could be at 20:00?
  4. It's not spam if you have the responsibility of being hyped and drop gifs. Spam would be talking about FM.
  5. If I remember correctly, some Beta has been released at 23.00. Probably I'll be sleeping by then, but it fits with the issues of the bandwith that Miles told about (and that I still don't understand). Anyway, I'm fine here, a sort of Stockholm syndrome I suppose
  6. Sigames, we broke the forum, that was a first warning. Won't be a second. (in fact, we can't do any other thing I guess )
  7. We are on a curfew all over the country, so a more european dinner time is mandatory now
  8. FMSite (the official spanish community of FM) have just said that:
  9. I hope that these statements could affect to your stability in the team, that is to say, if you annoy an influent journalist, it could wear down the trust of the president on your job. That's a realistic way to understand press conferences that make them useful in the game.
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