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  1. This year's version is completely unplayable. 1) 17-year-old talent costs EUR 40M + 2) playing a team with a better class of enemy I can not win, regardless of the tactics. 3) The reserve team led by assistant / manager, despite having the best players (best in the league CA) is last in the table losing everything you can. 4) my deffenders running with no sense letting attackers of the opposing team on pure shooting positions. 5) I can enter 5 of my players in the field of my opponent and not leave it for a minute unsuccessfully bombarding goal. All shots are blocked by defenders or keeper, or are knocked out in the corners. This situation is very common. In one match can be 20-25 corners. I'm tired of being a tester to January / February of the following year after the release of the game. I am very disappointed.
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