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  1. not sure if it has been mentioned, but it would be nice if you are leaving a club to enter into exit talks with the board. Specifically around taking your back room staff with you, rather than going through mutual terminations and new offers, it would be nice to have a select couple follow you after successful talks with previous board and staff you wish to take (they might not want to leave)
  2. keepers making a great save then having a 5min nap on the floor whilst the other teams score is getting a bit tiresome as well
  3. was in great form with southampton, sitting third, solid defence... first game after update, opposition had 7 shots on target in the first 25 mins and im losing 7-0... my keeper ran out 30 yards no where near the opposition striker and let the ball be walked in to the net. Ive gone from conceding 7 goals in 12 games to 7 goals in the first half... i hope this isnt a sign of things to come because it was unplayable at times before the update, this would make it no use what so ever
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