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  1. Has anyone one else noticed if you set both to zero most of the time the agent accepts. I'm Doncaster in my 6th season and I'm in my first champion league campaign. I noticed when doing contract offer to new and existing players if I reduce the wage they want a bit they reject and when they do the next offer I leave the wage put agent and sign on fee to zero and they accept almost everytime. When other teams are bidding I don't do it but most of time I do. Its saved me millions.
  2. Hi all my game in 3d has gone all jerky. I added some extra leagues at the end of my last season will it have anything to do with that? I have 5 stars for 3d graphics with a gtx 1060. I have a i5 8400. Its a Republic of gamers pre build.
  3. Have a look on ebay for a 2nd hand one. I couldn't afford a new gaming pc so got a asus gaming desktop. Its been bang on plays all the top European leagues and 3 South America. 3d is great and I can also play dayz and other games. Spent 400.
  4. I'm sure its all to do with what you have won in career. At least thats what I always thought. I had a striker who became elite after I won the prem and fa Cup double and he got the 2nd golden boot.
  5. Take agreed position or role out of the contract. I have found this work most of the time. Same as I have found and saved lots of money by taking the sign on fee out of new contracts. I leave the wage the same as they demand just remove signing on fee. Works almost all the time. Same with agent fee but that done always work. If your trying to sign a player other teams are offering a contract to then I wouldn't recommend to do it.
  6. hi guys need a bit of help. i just got a gaming pc its a i5 8400 with a gtx 1060 gpu. its a pre build republic of gamers. So in the past i have just had a normal pc for fm and a normal 60hz monitor. i have just orderd Acer Nitro VG240Ybmiix 23.8 inch FHD Gaming Monitor (IPS Panel, FreeSync, 75Hz, 1ms, HDMI, VGA, Black/Red) off amazon and i now not sure if it will work win nvidia as i been told i need gsync or somthing. Anyone help and tell me if i should cancel my order?
  7. It will depend on your clubs income and outgoings plus cash available.
  8. I can see why. Would ruin any save.
  9. You say game breaking bug but Nail Ennis scoring 62 league goals is normal in championship and 32 in prem. League one striker,don't you find that a bug? Or is it just me that thinks thays not right.
  10. I didn't say that did I? Its a part of lower league management. Over the last few years irl most l1 and l2 clubs have lots. All I'm saying is due to the weakness of the ai loaning players makes it alot easier to rise through the leagues.
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