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  1. How long is on the contract? If you transfer list the player the club also have to pay him money i think.
  2. It would be great if you could ask your junior coach to put more focus on certain positions and role's.
  3. Considering there is a good few players with the ppm like to round keeper. You just do t see it very often.
  4. Am understanding stadia right by thinking you can stream to a smart TV?
  5. Just wondering if there is any news on when / if fm21 is going to be on stadia ?
  6. I used to be part of the euc clan for about 6 years playing every Sunday and bonus sessions through the week. There was about 8 of us all dedicated and it was great. The best way to play fm imo. The guy who ran it davie just had enough and stopped doing it. We used to have headsets and talk via Skype having great banter doing bets and so on. Made some good friends who I still talk to now and then.
  7. Just wondering if fm 21 will be on stadia. Don't think I have heard anything.
  8. Specs: Gtx 1050ti (MSI OC) MSI h61m gaming motherboard Intel core i5-3470 8gb ddr3 - 1333mhz 500w ACE psu Ethernet only - no WiFi Ionz kz06 case 128gb ssd500gb hdd Hi just want to know what kind of gaming would I get from this pc? For fm mainly but also dayz? Thanks.
  9. Can i use a low on desk top pc to play fm if I get stadia? Or do I need a half decent one for 3 d ?
  10. If you have a world class squad a 2-5 star or 3 star player can have high potential.
  11. Same. I have never once in all the years plaing fm kept a player at the club.
  12. I hate knowing the players pa. Spoils the save for me. I have much more fun going by the stars.
  13. Now fm is going to be on stadia does that mean you won't need to have a good pc to play it?
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