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  1. If you have a world class squad a 2-5 star or 3 star player can have high potential.
  2. Same. I have never once in all the years plaing fm kept a player at the club.
  3. I hate knowing the players pa. Spoils the save for me. I have much more fun going by the stars.
  4. Now fm is going to be on stadia does that mean you won't need to have a good pc to play it?
  5. If u expose yourself to germs then u will find u don't get ill often. If you keep yourself so clean you never expose yourself to germs the first time you come across them u will be ill. You have to keep the immune system working. Look Back to when you didn't have central heating. You hardly had a cold. Now we ate nice and warm we get colds and flu more often. I saw a programme about it. It said some germs are good for you in the long run.
  6. Having the option to ask your hoyd to focus on bringing a certain position through would be a excellent addition to the hame Imo. You could ask him to focus on strikers in the upcoming intake. He could say we don't have any promising strikers or we do have. He could then say we do have a few wingers or any other positions.
  7. I always save some money and sign free agents after 10 15 games. I find I can get players that wasn't willing to sign in the summer become interested. I have got players way above the league standard.
  8. Paid £11-99 off eBay. Game arrived 2 days later. Free post as well.
  9. I havnt played 17 or 18 as I didn't have a pc. I have just got one and was playing fm 16 for a bit but have just got 19 and I think its seems a lot easyer. Atm anyway. Doing the dafuge challenge.
  10. Doncaster and also do the dafuge challenge.
  11. I always have attribute masking on. However I have never started a save with no transfers in first window. I like to start to build my team from the off.
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