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  1. Hi all, Forgive me if this has been posted have done a search and I cant see an answer.... but I am playing FM touch, but just been to browse a clubs transfer history and I can only see the clubs current season, is there a way that I can change this or is this something that is only available in the full mode? Cheers
  2. Just started a game with Ipswich just brought Lichaj (villa 950k) and Zanetti (free transfer) any one else got any tips or players to sign?
  3. Just finished my first season with West Brom, finished 4th, Got Vossen, Long and had Lukaku up top who were all beats, now long is injured and Lukaku has gone, so need a forward or 2 tto replace them, have got about 10m to spend. and will also need a back up GK to replace foster, manager to get Micheal Keane and Kolorov on loan for some defensive cover and have Schinderlin (saints) as my playmaker in CM and he is an absolute monster!!!
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