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  1. Dear SI, I have a simply question for you: will be also a FM15 demo available on the 7th November? I'm not asking when, but only if it's planed to have a demo. I hope it, just because I need to test the new FM on my old MacBook Air (end 2010) before buying it. Thanks for answer me and have a great day. Marco
  2. i tried and it runs! I set Aguero as AMC and now Balotelli is in first team! Thanks!
  3. Dear Neil Brock of SI, can you please answer to my (not only mine) question? Is for you the problem of Balotelli/Man. City a bug that you want to fix or you not consider it as a bug? I only want to know before starting a new game. I try to fix it by myself trough the editor (more PA, more Home reputation and so on...) but when I begin a new game Mario is always in the reserve team with loan and transfer status. Can you please give me/us an answer? Thank you so much
  4. HI LB, are you still there? Any news about a news update of the Scout running with the new patch? thanks a lot for your work to our mac community!
  5. Sorry guys but can you give an answer please?! Just yes or not! I only want to know if you consider this a problem to resolve or not. Thanks SI
  6. First season also for Mascherano?!?! That's not realistic... and for me this is a problem, like the Turkish/Greek problem and the Scout problem... FM is a great game because IS/WAS realistic, but with these kind of transfer logic it will not. I guess to hear the voice of SI... I just want to know if they consider this a problem like the others one.
  7. OK. So we have a Balotelli problem. Mascherano, instead, in my old game was/is alway offer for 22 million euro in the second year of the game. In effect it was strange...
  8. if you begin a new game you'll find Balotelli in reserve team and in the transfer and loan list.
  9. Thanks for the informations. And about the "problem" with Balotelli/Man City? Do you consider it?
  10. SI any news about the problem with Balotelli/Man City? I try to resolve it with the editor but I can't fix it! Is it for you a problem or not? Thanks!
  11. New problem: I decide to reinstall FM12 and now, when I want to begin a new game is missing the possibility to choose the details of the game. I can choose the country/nation where I want to play but, in the next windows, I can't see the next options (ex: first/second league, if I want to play that championship or only to see the details, ecc ecc). What happen and what I have to do?! Thanks edit: I delete the cache and now everything is working
  12. to SI: De Rossi (Roma) has now a new and longer contract... can you fix it?
  13. Thanks for the answer But, only to know what you think, the fact that Balotelli is listed on loan and transfer, is considered a bug or not? Or it's just part of the logic of the game? thanks again
  14. mee to! It's a file of 35kb: what's that? I don't know if it was a "small" update but also now when you began a new game Balotelli is always listed for loan and transfer!
  15. ok, thanks for the answer. But that means that you want to fix it with an other patch or what?
  16. Also for me! When you begin a new game Balotelli is listed as avaible for loan and transfer: why? It's a bug? Can you fix it please?
  17. I'm the only one with this problem? Can anyone try to open the new editor and see if you have this kind of problem? Thanks
  18. I have a (big) problem with the new editor: now, with the update, I can't use it because the green image that SI chose as background. I can't read the written words of the menu! I'm the only one with this problem? ps: I'm using a Mac...
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