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  1. So its not just me that gets annoyed with him suggesting Notts Forest everytime, I understand you support Notts Forrest but its getting really tedious now, please stop it, thank you.
  2. Yeah I had a consortium takeover fail so still waiting to be taken over, I signed a couple more free transfers, I signed Ibraham Sory Camara, Amdy Faye, Charlie Telfer and Sol Campbell Im currently 9th in the league after playing 5 games, I have won 2, drew 2 and lost 1 so far.
  3. Hiya guys Ive decided to start a new game as Coventry as its usually a fun save for me, I signed Junior Agogo, Gabor Gyepes, Greg Wylde, Lorius Karius and Mateo Sereni on frees and got Shane Sutherland on loan for the season, sent Conor Thomas and Danny Ireland on loan and got rid of the players in the youth ranks that arent up to Championship quality, hopeing I get taken over soon, will keep you guys updated.
  4. Id reccomend my hometown team Kidderminster Harriers, them or Wrexham would be a good choice.
  5. Started a game as Derby, signed Greg Wylde on a free and got Delifounseo and Barkley on loan, got promoted through the playoffs and just finished my first Prem game away to Man Utd and lost 9-0 lol, got some work ahead of me lol.
  6. Im currently finishing up a season as Derby, first of all they have some good players in the squad like Fielding, Addison, Shackell, Hendrick, Bryson, Ward amongst others, also you can get Delifounseo, Sammy Ameobi and Ross Barkley on loan for 2 years and sign Greg Wylde on a free and that team will get you atleast in the playoffs which it has for me, its definetly an enjoyable save.
  7. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/295265-FM12-Poland-by-Macdab55 I havent tested it so dont know if it works or not.
  8. Someone done the Polish leagues down to level 6 on the editors hideaway.
  9. Hey guys I started a new game with Spurs yesterday after having the new patch and I managed to get a new stadium built, 44k capacity, let me know if you guys get one aswell maybe I was just lucky.
  10. You could always load up a new game with english leagues down to the championship and small player database to see what their finances are like, it should only take 5 minutes, saves you asking someone else to take the time to find out cos you are too lazy.
  11. Why dont you load up a new game with french league and small database it will take 5 minutes to then you can check.
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