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    I love Steve Finnan.

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  1. My League was so close!! Look at it HERE
  2. Victor Valdes has just scored from his own Area against me, in the Champions League Final See it here
  3. Any one got any good Tactics?
  4. IMO i would sell Babel, i still have him in 2011 and TBH he is nothing special and i had to sell Alonso in second season because he wanted new challange! Lucas Become Amazin though! another good player is Barragan can be Signed for 475k because of an agreement between Liverpool and Deportivo, And Marcelo at LWB is a good player Zarate is good and can be signed for 2.8m but i had to sell to AC Milan next season for 7.5 because he wanted to discuss with them! Leto becomes good, also keep Masch as if you sell him his 3rd party get 80% of the transfer fee
  5. Awful the away games are costing me just went 1st for the first time this season! Then along came Newcastle and Watford away in a row 4-1 Newcastle won and 0-0 with Watford them all over me!
  6. I can't win an away game! I'm drawing 0-0 with the likes of QPR and Watford And Even Derby! but at home im unstobable just beat R.Madrid 4-2 at home and 5-0 Vs Fulham! Can someone Give me a Counter Attacking tactic to use in away games please!
  7. Thanks i'll try it now
  8. Has anyone got a good away Tactic for Liverpool?
  9. How do i copy it in to my skins folder when i download it, it comes if with Find or Save so what do i do please help?