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  1. ambolt

    How to disconnect

    I'm gonna sound like a newbie now, but how do I disconnect a manager from a network game? That is, we started out playing on the same computer, but now I want to disconnect my friend so he can reconnect online. This used to be possible in the "go on holiday" menu, but not on FM2018, it seems. What am I missing?
  2. Does anyone know approx how much data is transferred whilst playing FM online? My friend is getting a mobile broadband for his cabin, and we were just looking for advice on how much data capacity we will need. I'm the server.
  3. ambolt

    Disconnect user in FM14

    I thought I'd activated network gaming in the settings, but it hadn't been stored. Checked it again, and it works. Sorry.
  4. ambolt

    Disconnect user in FM14

    A friend and I started a game on the beta, and now that the full version is out we'd like to continue playing online. However, it seems I'm not able to disconnect him from the game via the usual route (going on holiday and checking the "disconnect" box). Is this a bug, or is there some other way of doing this?