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  1. ambolt

    How to disconnect

    I'm gonna sound like a newbie now, but how do I disconnect a manager from a network game? That is, we started out playing on the same computer, but now I want to disconnect my friend so he can reconnect online. This used to be possible in the "go on holiday" menu, but not on FM2018, it seems. What am I missing?
  2. Does anyone know approx how much data is transferred whilst playing FM online? My friend is getting a mobile broadband for his cabin, and we were just looking for advice on how much data capacity we will need. I'm the server.
  3. ambolt

    Disconnect user in FM14

    I thought I'd activated network gaming in the settings, but it hadn't been stored. Checked it again, and it works. Sorry.
  4. ambolt

    Disconnect user in FM14

    A friend and I started a game on the beta, and now that the full version is out we'd like to continue playing online. However, it seems I'm not able to disconnect him from the game via the usual route (going on holiday and checking the "disconnect" box). Is this a bug, or is there some other way of doing this?
  5. Thanks - it actually seemed to work well last night, we managed to play a few hours without any problems at all. I guess we'll consider running fewer leagues next time we start a game. :-)
  6. Not that many. We currently have seven different countries running, so maybe twenty leagues in total, with (I think) the biggest database option. Before, we'd maybe run half that amount of leagues, but still with a large database. It's a setup that neither computer would have any problem running in itself, but since the problems mostly occurs during matches, I'm thinking that maybe the background calculations somehow "choke" things up. Any optimization tips would be helpful.
  7. Will the number of leagues running affect the stability of the network connection? My friend and I have been playing FM online for years, and never had any big problems. However, with FM11 it seems he drops out a lot more often, particularly during matches (I'm the server). We both have quite new computers - I'm on a MacBook Pro that I bought earlier this year, and he's just gotten a new Dell laptop. Because we have fairly new computers we thought we'd add some more leagues and players, and that's the only thing I can think of that's really different from before - apart from the fact that it's a new game, of course. Anyone experiencing poorer stability with FM11?
  8. It would be cool if SI could establish some sort of "official" way of doing it, like setting up a server and adding a "publish career" function in-game. Then, in the game or via a web browser, we could do searches in each other's careers. Probably too much work to be worthwhile, but still...
  9. FM09 won't work on a G4. You need a Mac with an Intel processor. (I know there's a Universal logo on the box, but that's a mistake.)
  10. You could try restarting Finder just to see if that catapults you back to FM. Don't really know why that would work, but something is obviously messing up your Mac. You could also open Activity Monitor and kill any huge non-FM related processes, just to see if that helps.
  11. It works fine, but as Crimguy says, a few pixels at the bottom fall outside of the screen (and you have to hide the dock). Two lines of text in the app file hides the menu bar automatically, though, and then the entire window fits nicely on the screen.
  12. Is the problem downloading or installing? If the patch is downloaded, then all you have to do is run the installer (might have to double click the dmg file first, then double click the actual installer) and then choose the location of the game on the hard drive. If it's in the default location (Applications/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2009) then he should just have to click Ok and let the patch install itself. If this doesn't work, then please provide a few more details about what goes wrong.
  13. Having slightly different away tactics have also been a good idea, in my opinion. At home I usually play a 442 with direct passes at a high pace. That doesn't always work away from home, where I now usually play a slower game in 451. It's not that unusual, a manager like Arsene Wenger usually plays 442, but has used 451 for difficult away games and European games quite often.
  14. I'd like to beta test the Mac version. My main issue is the lack of testing of the Mac version. No, actually my main issue is the bug affecting cross-platform network games, although I'd have to hook up with another beta tester to test that one, I guess. I've used Macs since 1994 and been playing CM/FM since I had to run it in a DOS emulator on said Mac. Am currently on a 2.2 GHz MacBook with 4GB RAM and an X3100 graphics card.
  15. Did you move the game after you installed it? And when you installed the patch, did you choose the install location where your game is (don't assume that the installer looks for it if you've moved it).