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  1. I was using Hustler with Newcastle and I stormed the Championship breaking records but when I was assigned my budget for the following season Everton were dead last in the premier league looking certain to go down so I put in a cheeky bid for an unhappy Lukaku for the big boys came swarming and managed to get him to sign for a future transfer. I managed to get Barkley too, £28m and £18m respectfully with a lot of monthly installment and release clauses. Think Im going to use this tactic for the Premier League to try get the most out of my new additions.
  2. As a lot of people have mentioned this tactic results in a lot of long shots (at least early on) so im curious as to why you havent applied WIB or more shoot less often PI's? Not criticising an obviously very sucessful judt curious to the reasoning behind it, if any.
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