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  1. Having had my tactic fully fluid in all area's I was reading the mentalities and accidentally changed from attacking to defensive. I did not change screen or hit continue and when I changed back to attacking my tactic was no longer fully fluid :s how is this possible?
  2. [video=youtube_share;3w1TzLR2tYc] In all seriousness, I think the problem is that people dont want to build a tactic, analize the games then develop it. They want quick solutions ye ole plug and play etc so probably dont pay much attention to work with the amount of detail and effort you put into it. It is a shame really, I for one always enjoy your threads and have followed the blog so hopefully we still get stuff on there. I do like to create tactics from scratch and do so under an alias at a different site and always found your work helpful
  3. I often have depending on injuries a CB competing for top scorer in the league. all of his goals coming from either corners or indirect free kicks. I dont think there is a problem scoring or conceding it just depends on your set up. I even had james chester of Hull score 17 goals in 30 games he's 5 foot 10, 12 jumping reach and only 14 heading. I often see people complaining about not scoring from corners even though they have a striker score 60-80 goals a season from a short corner routine that seems to exploit the game.
  4. following on from my earlier post with my initial thoughts and then starting my save I ended up with the following starting point This seemed a solid enough starting point with lots of movement between the lines etc and in preseason was really fun to watch how the team pressed and played nice intricate passes around the area creating alot of shooting opportunities. I was really excited to start the season and dominate games the way we were playing. These stats from this game is a typical example of how we played, and the heat map is something of the 433 I was hoping to mimic, however the result did not quite go to plan. I mean no disrespect to Eibar but expected to win by a large margin. Unfortunately this was the same story for my first six league games, something was definitely going wrong with my team. These two games especially dissappointed me, we had the most possession a decent amount of shots however we didnt create any real chances and were punished heavily by both sides. So no wins in my first 6 games, the fans were unhappy, the teams morale was dead in the water and the board had pulled me into a meeting offering me the chance to plead my case of why should they not sack me, I was rock bottom of the league and decided to pass the blame onto my players it worked they offered me time to remain in charge of the side even though journalists claimed that the sack was looming if I did not win my next match.... My tactic by this time was fully fluid, panicked changes to the tactic would cost me my job, however something had to be done. Having six matches to evaluate would be my starting point. Now we were having the lions share of possession however this was always deep, shots were coming from distance and there wasnt real cover in wide areas when my wingbacks were getting forward. I switched things up to address these main issues to see how things would go, changing to control to try to play higher up the pitch. moving sitting players to the outside of my central 3. we now sat with the following The results that followed were job saving to say the least, dragging me up to 8th in the table by xmas and through to the next stage of the europa league. Hopefully the second half of the season will show continued progression and a push for the champions league.
  5. I'm really looking forward to trying the 4321 narrow its something I havent ever considered using before. I cannot upload pictures for some reason which is gonna be a shame as I cannot put pictures of shape during matches and stuff like that. having evaluated the squad I am happy that it fits this formation quite well, only one wide man who cannot play centrally behind the striker. I think the weakest area of the squad is the wing backs for me, they will be my widest area. I also need one more all action midfielder to cover CM so I have signed Gaston Gil Romero. I think Villarreal are well equipped for possession play and if set up properly this formation can be very entertaining to watch attacking like a 433 would. with that in mind I will go through my initial thought process for building the tactic The central defensive pair I think are quite strong Mussachio and Paulista they will do a decent job and should develop a solid partnership. I think they would develop into really solid center backs if I were to continue this save going forward. As mentioned the wingbacks are probably the weakest area of the squad for me and will be offering my width I will most likely look to strengthen these two positions with my final transfer and my loan. so to begin with my positions in the back line will look like this: GK(d) WB(a)--CB(d)--CB(d)--WB(a) The central 3 I think are quite solid with the addition of Gaston Gil Romero we have 4 all round midfielders who can play here and some younger guys who can offer cover along this belt and in the amc slots. I have gone for 1 sitter and 2 support roles as I need to account for the wingbacks getting further forward. whilst supporting the 3 attacking players. CM(s)--CM(d)--CM(s) The 3 attacking players I think are the trickiest part and wether this works or not we will have to see over the course of the season. I have stewed on the idea of which role to use here for some time. I want to play possession football but dont want to take the edge off so have gone with two shadow strikers to be my goal scoring threat, they will get beyond the striker and into the area. I have chosen the false 9 as the lone striker role to drag the central defenders away which will hopefully generate enough space for one of my shadow strikers to have extra space and hopefully get more goals. SS(a)--SS(a) F9(s) This gives me as a final formation set up of GK(d) WB(a)--CB(d)--CB(d)--WB(a) CM(s)--CM(d)--CM(s) SS(a)--SS(a) F9(s) Yeah my xmas tree is upside down I have chosen the Counter mentality as a starting point, with Flexible in the fluidity settings. as for team instructions I have Possession shorter passing work ball into box play out of defense Shape Play wider Push higher up Defending Close down more get stuck in General Lover tempo This is set up in a way which I think will give us a high pressure, possession game which I think the nucleas of the squad is suited for. I will update again and hopefull at some point be able to import pictures xD
  6. arsenal v man city game a couple issues. wellbeck, already been noticed. The other thing I noticed which may or may not have prevented the first goal, Henry, Pires, and Ljungberg. Although Arsenal played primarily on the break and fell back into there shape these three players pressed full backs alot. in the PKM they were very stand offy. At 4mins and 5 seconds Zabaleta is about 25 yards away from the left midfielder who sorta bobs about in his place instead of closing down the gap. He plays the easy pass down the right side which leads to the goal. I cant upload a screenshot of what im talking about for some reason
  7. This thread is really peeked my interest, having created my own invincibles set up. I am excited to see how close this compares. I will be following closely.
  8. Lone striker formations are definitely not useless in this iteration of the game, I have created one that has been very successful since beta onto your set up though, as hand of god has stated you have created a theoretically sound base for a tactic, but you have to check the roles, how they play to create the over all system you are looking for. post above says patient possession based with lots of chances, but you may not have made the best choices for this, your striker will never be the main threat but that is ok so long as the rest of the side are chipping in enough goals to win right? even so a deeplying forward on attack will still link up play, but has more chance of being on the end of crosses from your winger and through balls from your inside forward. with an anchor man it might also seem more efficient to look at wingbacks, the attacking duty on the right will give more width and another option to create chances and support on the left will help keep the possession and get deep crosses in. I also think you need a more creative outlet in the centre of the pitch, a deeplying playmaker on support maybe will look at keeping the ball better and playing in your runners with intricate passing. the changes in roles might also look at a change in fluidity i'd look at wwfans guide to see where it sits, most likely fluid/balanced. now team instructions can be important to maintaining possession and creating more chances. to maintain possession you want your team to be closer together for short passes and neat triangles so playing narrower is an option to explore. you might also consider the short passing, retain possession, work ball into box and play out of defense shouts and see how these effect your team. possession is also boosted by players roaming a bit to find space to receive passes so you might think about this shout. tempo also effects possession, last but not least if your going to keep possession you need to win the ball back as soon as possible so hassling your opponents and putting them under pressure is a must. Hope this gives you something to think about mate, and good luck in getting your idea's sorted in game D
  9. sat down with my coffee intent on reading the new sticky......... skimmed it, and Cleon's hit the nail on the head with the brilliant and best, take a bow
  10. 35, im still in first season of my current save, the others I had were test saves that i dont save over i just rince and repeat them till i am happy that the tactics i made are working xD sorry
  11. Looking in this for the current season, I have conceded 35 goals, 10 of which are from headers, 24 are placed shots and 1 is a powerful shot. I dunno if it helps but I have only 27 assists against me, 2 from corners, 17 passes and 8 crosses.
  12. I tend to play a very aggressive game with hassle opponents and get stuck in active, so it is usual for me to give away the free kicks, my team used to be well organized and defended very well against them. Since the patch however this has been an issue xD It might be that free kicks weren't as powerful as they should have been, I think I remember seeing something in the notes about long shots and crossing being improved. If this has had an effect on the free kicks then I may need to consider playing less aggressively like you say. The corners however are usually due to a clearance header reaching the inside of the box and landing at the feet of attacking players, who either volley it straight home or lay it off to someone else for a tap in. I score the same way from corners to be honest which makes that less of an issue as it evens itself out.
  13. Hi, Cleon this and the other two threads about creation of tactics have been super helpful, However prior to the patch I was conceding maybe 3-5 goals per season from set pieces, having changed nothing in my tactic post patch I went on a run of conceding a goal to a corner atleast once a game, sometimes even 2-3 times. Free kicks aswell its not as often as corners but every 2-3 games I concede a goal to a corner. I havent changed my settings at all, and went from having an average of 28 clean sheets a season to having none. How are you finding your defending of set pieces?
  14. justloaded my game up to check it works, beat man city 3-2, both of their goals coming from corners, i wish i could show you SS
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