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  1. i try this tactics in the italian 6th level with scandianese and with instant results..i hope that it will work well
  2. Ghent thanks for the answer,i await for the download link of tactics so i can run the test with the Reggiana. if you want, in mid-season, I can send you my save, so you can realize what works and what does not, I would do it too but,as you can see, I do my best with English language, but with not very well results
  3. I apologize Ghents, but I'm Italian, I find it really hard to translate from English to Italian the player roles, could you put in download your last tactic with your latest change? I'd like to test it with my Reggiana (3rd leven of italian league)but I do not know how to change roles. the OI that you use, it's from the 111 post? the pre match training it's to defensive movement's
  4. in my opinion, this is the best tactics i've prove from now on!!! very good results!!
  5. excuse my bad english, but i've very good results with the old tactics... can i have a link for downloading the past version instead of the new one? because it was very good (the classic version, not the TC) thank you!!
  6. helmut? van helmut? fmita update? good to see you here!!!
  7. feed me more!! this is awesome!!! opponents team... rest in peace!!! has the opponent a chance of victory? hell no!!!
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