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  1. Moment of truth The season is moving towards the end game. After 27 matches we are up in second place but out form is still really inconsistent. The next few matches, however, will make or break the season. We are playing Paderborn, Hannover 96 and Heidenheim in consecutive matches. I think that six points out of these will set us on our way to automatic promotion.
  2. - Yeah I believe so. At the moment the likes of Stuttgart, Augsburg and Union Berlin are all in that group. I think the former might be tough but the other two would probably make a more even game. - Thanks, I think that planning forward in this way can really help. Strelec has struggled so far but I am putting it down to a combination of age and moving to a new league etc. I hope that he is ready to hit the ground running from the start of the second season. - I tend to only do this for the first few seasons because eventually I end up with loads of newgens in the youth system
  3. First youth intake It's ok I guess but there are no true stand out players. What this does offer me is the ability to develop significant depth in certain positions. As a rule I tend not to cut any youth players for the first three seasons or so. Instead, I will do my best to develop every player as even those that do not become first-team players can generate income for the club through sales.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I would definitely suggest Bochum as an interesting save. There is definitely talent in the squad but the balance in terms of age and contracts is off. The challenge I think will be in getting to the Bundesliga and surviving but also reshaping the squad,
  5. Movement within the squad When I first started the save there was no money in the budget to bring players in. This in itself is not a problem as I don't normally make any signings in the first season of a save. As we have progressed into January, however, one of my players started to complain about his lack of minutes. That led to a deal that was worth more than I expected. So, out goes the Austrian forward Robert Zulj. He was my backup striker but with Ganvoula in such impressive form his opportunities were limited. When I offered him out for sale Metz were the only club intere
  6. Thanks Ben. I think this style of updating a thread works far better for me. It means I can add little bits and pieces in between my work day! Promotion will be tight. Since my last update we are sitting 3rd but a gap has opened up to the top 2. That would be enough for a playoff spot but there is no guarantee that we would come through that. He did indeed! A similar profile of player would be extremely welcome.
  7. First youth intake I forgot to post this earlier but the preview for the first youth intake is in. Promising to say the least and I especially like the versatility in terms of positioned in a positive light. Now, to see if this actually leads to a decent group of players.
  8. Thank you John. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
  9. Ah well It was nice while it lasted. Good to know, however, that Monchi and I are on the same page when it comes to identifying talent.
  10. An opportunity Back sooner than expected as an opportunity has presented itself in the shape of the 23-year-old Greek midfielder Sebastian Vasiliadis who has an expiring contract at Paderborn. His contract demands are incentive heavy and he it has reached the limit that my board will allow me to go to in negotiations. With that said, however, his profile, age and personality make him a very interesting target.
  11. Quick squad analysis So, first of all some basic age profiling of the squad at the half way point of the season. The vertical axis shows minutes played so far and the horizontal axis shows the players age. This is a simple visual tool that I use often to figure out any potential weak areas of the squad in the medium to long term. As you can see from the key in the title the player marks are coloured depending on their position, this is the primary position that I see them as and not neccessarily their best position in game. I have also included vertical lines as indicators as
  12. Season progress I have played through to the end of December in the first season so this feels like the best time to provide an update on progress so far. I will keep this short as it has been something of a mixed bag. Five wins in a row to start the season had me thinking that perhaps I had overestimated the difficulty of the save and underestimated the ability of the squad. The wheels, however, started to slowly come off as we started to drop points at the end of October. Just one win in November saw us start to fall down the league standings before we stabilised our form at
  13. Tactical thoughts Perhaps strangely, since a large part of my day job consists of thinking and writing about the game from a tactical point of view, the tactical side of the game is not something that I tend to put a whole lot of thought into. Instead, my favourite part of Football Manager lies in the squad building and long term strategy side of things. With that said though I do know of course that having a strong set of tactics as you progress through a save is a key consideration. I like to make full use of the three tactical slots that the game allows us to use in order to have diffe
  14. Thanks Ben. Arthur was indeed the most amazing newgen. Every single striker I have found since then has paled into insignificance. Maybe I will find one as good for Bochum... Cheers mate. Just need to build up some momentum and get used to posting small updates as I play.
  15. Hello! It has been a while since I have posted on any forum so please bear with me. Inspired by this thread by the excellent @_Ben_ and by reading some of the threads by @Jimbokav1971I have decided to make something of a return to posting about my Football Manager adventures. The way that Ben, in particular, posts with small detail orientated updates that isolate interesting parts of the game is something that I will look to emulate here. Full disclosure, I used to write essay length posts on The Dugout about my saves, that, however, is now beyond me in terms of the time that I have to do
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