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  1. Velez - 2043-44 So as was mentioned many post ago....A season in Argentina takes a hella long time! I wanted to stay away from the country due to the season length, but the lure of the young players in the team drew me in. I was manager of South Korea before taking over, so I was just pushing on to the Asian Cup. This was won with ease. Nothing to shout about really. The Velez job was available for ages and I applied for jobs in Scotland and Belgium, but for whatever reason, I didn't get those jobs! Visions were probably different to what I said in those interviews! I joined V
  2. 2041/42 - Real Madrid I've actually completed a couple seasons since my last update. I didn't want to clog up the forum with small updates on a "standard" winning team. As you can see below, my second season was a lot better than my first! Clean sweep of everything. What a team! My 2nd Champions League was one those "meant to win" games because I was 1-0 down until the 89th minute when I equalised. Whenever that happens, you just know you're going to win it! What I had forgot, is that with the Spanish teams, you have a fantastic youth set up. The players
  3. Appreciate it! I will take a look. In that case, Malaysia could well be included! Didn't realise they played it like that. I love to go into a new team and sell off all the deadwood and replace it with younger players that fit into my tactics. I find that to be better in Europe than in Asia. Also, I can try and take a small European teams far into the European competitions. If i'm honest, I lost track of the cups early in this challenge! I was hell bent on getting those European Competitions in the bag.
  4. Depending on what your computer can handle.........I go for about 8 leagues to start. It's personal preference really, but you can't go wrong with Poland, Chile, Canada, Mexico & South Korea as a starting point. Just add anymore you fancy. German lower leagues? English lower leagues maybe?
  5. 2 seasons in South Africa - my personal hatred continues - A short story. I just couldn't beat Kaizer Chiefs in the league. I could keep a decent level of form really, but it just wasn't good enough. I did beat them in the final of the Champions League though! (I also got the FA Cup win during the first season too). But still. I'm done with that league. Get me out of there!
  6. I'd rather stay out of Asia. But Scotland is very much added! Try and stay away from the those top 2. @lukefox44@Safe Hands I am very much that poacher as we speak! Haha. Taken over at Sundowns and i'm picking all those players up. I need to head down to South America, but unsure which country! Don't fancy a long season in Brazil, but I love the players that come through. Hmmm. @MShingDid you leave Leicester in the end? Really didn't look like you were far off making that challenge for the title!
  7. Cheers mate! That Club World is a big tick off the list for sure! The Jeonbuk, Monterrey & even the Napoli seasons were down to the sides they had already really. I wouldn't want to make out I did all the work with them! I should really try and find out who has the shorter seasons and try and steal a cup. But I certainly won't be beating my completion date from last year, so I may well take on some challenges rather than walking into winners. Congrats on the promotion! Have they given you a good transfer budget to play with? What's the youth set-up like at Go Ahead?
  8. Monterrey F.C I finally landed my Mexican gig! When I say I landed it......and I well and truly landed on my feet with this one. The previous gaffer left for a job in Croatia, so I swooped in and grabbed myself a top 5 team with £25m to spend in the season break. What could go wrong? Well......not a alot really. A relatively entertaining season with Chivas keeping up with us and even passing us at one stage! It certainly wasn't plain sailing when we hit the closing stage knockout rounds as I only managed to get away with one goal losses, then completely dominate the home leg! Missi
  9. Quick update! I always seem to get Hoffenheim in the major comps! Just pipped my 2nd German title in a row from them, beat them in the Champions League Semi Final of the same season (which I won again) and then the Semi's of the Club World Champs! I'm now leaving RB Leipzig. I applied for the Supersport Utd job, but was too late annoyingly! Will have to sit tight until that November deluge of sackings. My crusade with France continues though. Got a great squad, so i've got a serious chance of winning the world cup. Then hopefully I will go to Mexico
  10. That's exactly it! Buy the league essentially. Shame really, as I quite liked the team. Just wish the league was more competitive.
  11. @timpy00 Small concern about the cups, yeah! But I will pick them up in random countries just to make the challenge look a bit more exotic! Haha. I don't know if to laugh or cry for your Peruvian season! I would have missed that too. How annoying! At least you got something out of it I guess @dkouv Did you enjoy Jeonbuk at all? Was all too easy personally, so I was in and out ASAP.
  12. RB Leipzig & France (2036) I've actually won another Domestic Cup!! My second season with Red Bull ended with wins in the League, Champions League & DFB-Pokal! I really didn't think i'd conquer Bayern Munich so quickly, but I flipped my tactics back to 442 and brought in another explosive striker to go for goals whilst being a strict back 4 with very little messing about. Scary record from my main striker. His goals have been massive! The winning league season went right down to final day, although I had a better goal difference so it w
  13. Haha! Two big factors that I need to work on to get those wins! Need that money to buy players that'll play the way I want and those golden oldies are just hefty wages being wasted when they can't make that 2nd ball anymore. I do need to get those cup wins. May have to dart to small countries to tick them off. Journeyman! Appreciate it! What a guy.
  14. Season 2033 - 2034 update! - Napoli - Board expectation was to finish in the Top Half.....easy enough with a team like Napoli, right? Chapter 1 - Getting rid of the deadwood. I had the whole of June/July/August to get rid of any players; Over the age of 31. Wouldn't fit my tactics. Wanted a move to a bigger club. Just not good enough. This equalled to 29 players leaving, bringing in £103m to a financially struggling team. A few players that left weren't on the above breakdown, but I just couldn't refuse the offers as I had too many play
  15. 2033/34 - Napoli & Portugal Well.....3rd season with Monaco, I managed to win the league! But no cups. Annoying. Pretty chuffed with the league though! Scored many, only lost 2. And now I've been offered a job with Napoli! I would do a big old write up for Monaco, but I really didn't like anything about it. Haha! So Napoli......... They finished 7th last season, so Euro II it is. Finances are low. £14m in the bank, but £23m in transfer budget. The team is half decent! Loads of young players, so I can build and actually enjoy it for the challenge!
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