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  1. I know we've gone far off topic, but I don't quite get how people are saying torres was extremely loyal to liverpool. He spent 3.5 seasons at Liverpool, In the first season, they made it to the semi-finals of the CL - where they went out in extra time to chelsea In the second season, Liverpool finished 2nd The third season is where it all fell apart due to Alonso's departure and the sustained injuries to Torres. So arguably he only stayed one transfer window past when a non-loyal player would have demanded a transfer, and it seems pretty clear he was agitating for a move in that window as it was (and possibly before then) Even Mascherano stayed a full season after making strong indications he wished to leave.
  2. FM2011 Editor Advanced Rules Activation and Discussion

    I've been trying to add another international competition for awhile I've been able to create the competition in the advanced panel, I added details to it in the database section of the editor as well, and when I start a new game it gives me the option of using the files. When I start a new game though, the competition doesn't show up at all however. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  3. Comparison of World Cup TV coverage

    alternatively you could have watched univision's spanish coverage (examples of pre-game programs here: )
  4. The Official USA Thread

    jon stewart had bradley the elder and landon on tonight and lobbed bradley some softballs
  5. The Official USA Thread

    Are you sure you aren't talking about Donovan or Dempsey there?
  6. The Official USA Thread

    there are a level of rivalries in which that is fine, but there are a level in which all you want is for the other side to fo&d - and that describes the attitudes of both American and Mexican supporters in the 21st century
  7. The Official USA Thread

    that's like dividing by zero or supporting Liverpool and Manchester United
  8. The Official USA Thread

    was coming in to post this (iirc this was the thread where someone said that no one in the US pays attention to the WC) However, on the not of best song, there can only be one - co-opted from Stone and Parker of course I'd also like to see Univision and futbol.univision.com numbers because there are probably as many people watching univision feeds as espn3 feeds in my office (partly because univision is completely free and partly because the commentary > *) and I suspect that trend is represented nationwide
  9. tbh you don't have anything remotely similar to any US Collegiate sports program
  10. The Official USA Thread

    still waiting for the one I ordered from BornProsper in May to come in. I'll be disputing it if it's not in by Saturday
  11. The Official USA Thread

    wasn't there, but Fado's in Buckhead when we scored
  12. Teams you've liked this tournament

    It is still possible for the semi-finals to be an all-Americas affair US/Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina/Mexico, and Chile/Paraguay
  13. The Official USA Thread

    btw Jason, for future reference: futbol.univision.com ungated HD stream with what I would argue is better commentary than ESPN take this as an example:
  14. it'll be a party on saturday win or lose If we make it past that, I wouldn't be surprised to see our office shut down on Friday the 2nd (particularly since we already close early on Fridays in the summer)
  15. The Official USA Thread

    it's mostly to troll the english