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  1. i will provide some feedback in a few weeks time when my first "vacation" (two weeks) kicks in. then i will have more time to play and test. right now i started a LLM save and i don't know how obvious the changes affect the Vanarama NL... will start a second save in a higher league somewhere in the EU playing so low feels like living in a bubble i guess my big club choice will be either a save in germany or netherlands...
  2. i can't tell you in detail how it's splitting up, but Watzke the club's CEO talked about it in different interviews that round about 66% of the transfer fee will/can be reinvested. to find the right solution is not easy, for sure, but it's more realistic than putting for example 100 Millions of transfer fee 1:1 into your club's bank account. i like it maybe SI will work on the financial part in the future and desgin a more realistic finance world.
  3. a team never will receive 100% of the transfer fee...for example BVB in the german league is planning with round about 66% of reinvestment. but everybody has his own preferences
  4. man it's so hard....waiting here too...so tempting to start a new save after the new patch, but i have to be patient and wait for the big surprise in the meantime i'll be rocking Motorsport Manager (there are some great modders too). Keep up the good work guys!!! I will support you again
  5. the mix of both files made the game so much more fun!!! now you really have to work for your success...i started my first save with almost the highest badges possible (as always i will start another save with much lower badges ) ...took the OL Job in France...now you might think, well there is PSG, so no chance to be 1st...and we had no chance! PSG ran away with 30 point difference!!! i struggled so much...almost wanted to quit...but i did not! 3 games before the season ended it looked like we won't make it to the CL spot...i took over around middle of the season...at the begining it was mor
  6. one can definitely not play press the whole time over the course of a season with an average team anymore...good job...it's raining injuries...you either need phisically strong players and good rotation as well as balanced training sessions well done!
  7. 1st and 2nd can be solved with FLUT Skin the 3rd one...well SI has to do the job.
  8. thanks to both of you guys majesticeternity and Daveincid!!! i use a mix of your specific files...great experience so far!!! keep up the good work! i'll will provide some support over the next days great work should be supported.
  9. might be Darien...it sounds logical. But i looked it up for several teams and all look like this...so every team is in debt? and will improve over time... i hope majesticeternity can explain it. thanks in advance.
  10. default with your file (finances) as expected the bank balance is different, that's ok...but you can see that (15 Mio) is at the Top and (20 Mio) at the Bottom...or is it because the brackets stand for Minus and therefore it is upside down...because of the changes you made in your file? wil it change over time? so it will look like in the default version?
  11. i found one visual "bug" in the finances overview...in the "summery" section (tab) the bank balance display seems to be reversed...(upside down)...it's not a big one...but it looks akward! and sometimes confusing. is it possible to correct it?
  12. still laggy as hell!!! GTX 1060/Ryzen 5 1600/16 GB RAM with up to date drivers. and still max. 52 fps with drop down to 40/41... on high. Very Low/Low solves the problem but it's unacceptable!!!
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