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  1. still laggy as hell!!! GTX 1060/Ryzen 5 1600/16 GB RAM with up to date drivers. and still max. 52 fps with drop down to 40/41... on high. Very Low/Low solves the problem but it's unacceptable!!!
  2. do not agree one bit!!! Worse than 2014/15/16/17/18...ROFL! Most people I know, love this year's iteration! Maybe you should build your own version by starting from scratch...
  3. so skin could also be a problem??? yes i use custom graphics/logos/skins. i never experienced crashes while using my custom logos and graphics so i assume it's the "new" skin i'm testing since a few days. that might explain why i suddenly get crash dumps. today another one while using the new skin.
  4. in reference to the so called "crossing issue", i think it's not the amount or the accuracy but the way the players are positioning themselves on the pitch. they are to narrow! as far as i remember it was already mentioned weeks ago that def. players are standing to close to each other. BUT you can! counter it!!! just a few minutes ago gebre selassie of werder bremen annoyed the heck out of me with his insane crossing attempts. my Fullback was always too far away of him. yes i had him on "closing down - always" but i did not help. SO i said to myself, hmm lets get real dirty on him and let's handcuff him real tight i told my fullback to mark this fella for the rest of my game. and gebre selassie still tried some crosses, but i never felt nervous like before, when you would find me sending prayers and hope nobody would tap it in... you can counter almost everything, sometimes it takes a little time to understand what could really work and help you winning games. even if it means, wolfsburg (me) playing counter against bremen and going home with a victory 2-0... before i would still go with my "number one" tactic which helped me string a few wins together. this time i had the feeling bremen will go for it and i decided to counter them it worked beautiful!!! by the way i play the "full game". in my opinion it's the best way to see and find out what's going wrong and what the flow of the game is. I'm having fun again although Bayern is running away at the top with me being 3rd, pushing for CL (don't want to break promises i made to L.Gustavo and Draxler )
  5. hi guys, today i had two crash dumps while tryin to play a game on "full game" setting and both times my game crashed before half-time. - Make sure your Graphics Card drivers and installed and fully up to date - If running on a laptop with dual graphics cards, make sure they are configured for the correct card to run with FM - Make sure your Anti-Virus isn’t interfering with Steam or FM as this can cause problems when installing or launching the game - Make sure your Windows Updates, DirectX and Net Framework are installed and up to date i went/checked throgh every step. everything is fine/up to date. i tried to play my game for a third time, but this time i deleted my preferences folder and verified cache through steam. i played my game on "compreh." setting and could finish my game without a problem. how can i upload my crash dump file so you guys can check on it??? i will run my final test on "full game" setting (cause i would like to use this one like i always do) and look if it stays stable like before. but i would still want to upload my file so you can have a look into it and tell me if it will be ok, after i deleted my preferences folder and verifying cache or not. thanks in advance for your support guys!
  6. guys please help me out! i keep getting crash dumps since today. do i have to upload the crash dump file somewhere or else how should i proceed???
  7. it seems i can't sort my players by position while setting focus, roles etc. (Ind.-Training) i tried original skin and others, same problem... Instead the Names-Column is sorted from A-Z, but i clicking at the Pos.-Col. anybody with the same problem???
  8. Now that's a response i like! a bit more detailed and comprehensible. guys keep up posting useful feedback and SI please strive for greatness!!!
  9. You gotta be kidding me! You want to tell me that the heat-map is 100% reflecting the 3D-Gameplay. I would bet my house on it it's not. Someone should do a test, run 100 games and watch them in 3D, then guess the tactics of each team. If you get it 100% right, more power to you my friend!
  10. the heat-map may show you what's going on, but even if i'm watching full match it's like sussex said, no difference in individual playing-style and team-play, regardless what roles or duties you might apply! you'll see the same patterns over and over again... i don't think that coaches have heat-maps on the sidelines to check what's happening on the pitch, do they...??? i hope, perhaps in 10...15 years i will be able to analyze my teams play just from watching 3D, wishful thinkig, but who knows... it's mind-boggling to see the gaps between the players on the pitch, sometimes it seems like they might be afraid to get an infection if they stay close to the opponent. instead of being close they "running away". the next thing pressing, where is it...??? more often than not it's like watching some Junior-McDonalds youth-team playing football and not Man City, Bayern, Juventus or whatever professional team you choose. I'm more and more loosing patience to stick with it and try my best igniting that little spark of joy, but watching the plays (not) develop on the 3D-Pitch is causing headache! FM tends to be either rocket-science or russian roulette.
  11. i noticed that there is a delay of 1-2 sec between the switching of pages/questions during job interviews, anybody else experiencing it? it is not a huge thing but kinda annoying..
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