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  1. Hey posting here because the other topic seems dead. Do you still have the graphics files for the FM18 version of this mod? The mediafire link on that one has gone dead.
  2. So I have a question. It's just after the first year of the game, I've managed to win the NCAA championship as Marist, and we've rolled over to when the schedule has started for next season... and I've been informed of my berth in the championship again? Is this working as intended? Is this part of the at large teams system, or has something broke?
  3. This is a minor thing, and more for flavor, but would be nice if one of the Match Odds options was the moneyline instead of just fractional or decimal. Unless this got stuck in FM16 which I didn't get around to buying since I usually skip a release or two to have more time with a single save.
  4. You should be able to push about 100k starting fairly easy on a desktop. Laptops the problem is either heat or battery will start causing the OS to throttle the CPU.
  5. As a Semi Pro team, thankfully I can keep as many amatures on as are ok with being bench warmers and U21s. The converse problem is, being amatures, even compared to LLM they all uniformly suck.
  6. 442 is like a good sirloin steak. Everyone always comes up with a new fancy thing every year, but there's a reason you always come back to the steak, ain't there?
  7. This may be a bad habit, but I've taken to loading all the spare leagues I don't use as view only these days. Still a processor hit, but not nearly as much as loading them as playable. That said, by 80 do you mean 80 tiers or 80 leagues? As that can be a big difference if you're counting the lower reaches of certain euro countries. That said, with the caveat that I'm running all the unloaded nations as view only, and this is more of an English Hero attempt that's just built so it can be aborted to a journeyman if they sack me, here are my loaded nations on a similar chip that runs fine.
  8. Yes. And they even have a fairly indepth amount of stats, much like players. The game will also give you the opportunity to complain to the press soemtimes about refs, but usually this gets you slapped down with fines or game bans by the FA for daring to speak out of hand.
  9. Maybe I'm the only one vindictive enough to notice this, but, much like that one team, does anyone else have that one referee who always seems to give you trouble. For me it's Hooper in the English Non-Leagues, any match I have with him is sure to see one of my guys sent off where they normally wouldn't. I haven't cheated with the editor to see what his stats are (although I do know refs have them) so I'm not sure if he's a hardliner or if he just seems to hate me in particular.
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