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  1. Thanks Marc, Another question, is there a way to choose who scout players in the shortlist? I mean from my three scouts. I know this is not a big thing but it is better to know if there is a way.
  2. Also, which better older or younger staff, or no difference?
  3. Hi, I would like to know the difference between each scout specialism in scouting players and in general. If one from all four scouts types scouting the same player is there any difference in their result?
  4. I hope to see comment from developers about this topic.
  5. Hi, I hope to include sounds in the match in future releases, (for example, attendance and club supporters sounds & reactions, referee whistles, ball hitting, and including commentator). I see some other games having commentator and those are small games in comparison with FMM. So, please those features will bring this game to a new level and will make the match more exciting and thrilling even with the 2D match.
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