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  1. Si lowered frequency when a player stops the ball on the line for opponent. Still happens here and there. Once a season in football bloopers @ every match in fm20
  2. How much time, i, beeing a customer, supposed to wait till you fix 1x1? Whom should i contact if i want a refund?
  3. Hi again @wkdsoul Don't you know about the problem with the pictch in 3d when using this skin? No match at all, just green panel full screen
  4. Oh, got it, it's in the game settings! TY!
  5. Can you please explain a bit more, i'm absolute zero in skining
  6. No, only players; IMO staff quality is harder to understand without numbers may be bars for staff, but i think I’m asking too much
  7. Hi @wkdsoul Can you please help me with removing literally every attribute from fm20 dark skin. (From reports, player panels, flow windows etc) Every help will be so much appreciated!
  8. you are absolutely right, but i can't understand a word in your post, sorry(
  9. Hello, I have to ask a very serious question. As everyone knows, Serbia join EU in 2018 in game. And players limit doesnt trully work anymore. It dramatically ruins this amazing specific league with tons of eu players. But i want serbian ones. Help me please. Can i turn this off somehow???
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