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  1. I'm analyzing what i have. I have a video of good attack and awful defense. I was told "brand-new pressing system brings a new level of intelligence, unlocking smarter decision making and realism" as one of the main features of the new game. I tried to find it out but struggled. Even if we disagree about the movement of rb - you can go and watch video i uploaded some minutes ago where cb num12 is clearly on new level of intelligence and realism.
  2. Tell me what is wrong with 12? Запись экрана 2021-10-12 в 18.04.46.mov
  3. with great pleasure at first, you cut the moment on 2nd sec where yellow cm runs to atack few moments later then on 5th second u can see number 12 who is cb, I think if you watch video on 0.25 - he is doing madness, no need even to screen then you watch the movement of 2, he is closing nobody, all the way from the beginning to the end of episode. In the end you could ask me - was there something right with the defensive movement. you know the answer. btw, have to admit that attacking movement was pretty good.
  4. new level of intelligence, unlocking smarter decision making and realism ( (screenshot from wcb feature video) plus running like riding a bike (leaning) it's awful. if you see it once you can't unsee
  5. They spent half an hour on this video. Covid times, you know. positions, roles, then click on dcl and editing role for dcr. can't be more lazy
  6. Amateur mistake in the video: you click on dcl to edit role, but it shows dcr. bug is already in feature video
  7. Hi! If my league's europe qual is 1 to cl, 2 3 4 to el2 and i, been 1, win el2, what the europe places will look like?
  8. i found solution there's "second position" filter, shows accomplished knowledge. But if you want lower knowledge - it looks impossible. @FrazTthanks for help
  9. Hi, I need to filter Natural DM's who are Accomplished at CM but NOT natural at CM Help me pls
  10. Still think about staff words that the game is not unrealistic. So, you got to know that keepers, who jump before the shot on 1x1 to get the ball from form the corner of the goal (cause it's the only chance to stop the shot except teleportation) (maybe teleportation is realistic too)
  11. No way u can decide whether shot is on target or not if it’s blocked right after the hit
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