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  1. I have £2.3 million left in my transfer budget in my 1st season as Fulham. I'm nearing the end of the 1st transfer window and am looking for RB help. Any suggestions?
  2. Should I then unselect either pass into space or retain possession? I'll probably sell Rose, Lamela and Sun at the next transfer window. Then try to get some overall depth.
  3. I want to get Alli more involved. Kane has 7 goals so far.
  4. Here are the Tis and results so far....
  5. I changed the two FB to support. What should I do in midfield and my forwards/wingers?
  6. What would you all change with this tactic?
  7. I am going to be starting a Tottenham game tonight. Any advice on who to sell, who to buy?
  8. I use a 13" Macbook Pro Retina Display. What is the best skin to use for my laptop?
  9. Nation: England, Italy, Scotland Division: Top two tiers European Competition: Any Media Prediction: Top half Board Expectation(s): Any Transfer Budget: Not too low, but not too high Wage Budget: Any Finances: Any Other: I want a team that will be a fun challenge, but don't want a team that is super tough.
  10. I just finished the 2016/17 season, my 3rd season as Fulham manager. It was my 2nd season in Premier League and I won the league!! I also won the FA Cup against Arsenal in a nail biting, 4-3 penalty shootout. Capital One Cup almost made its way to Craven Cottage. Below are some screenshots from this season. I am going to go through and figure out who to get rid of and what I need to upgrade. I am willing to take suggestions.
  11. I have never used this position, but am looking to start using one. What are the best attributes to filter to look for one?
  12. Here is my squad only a few weeks into the season. I just got Jay Rodriguez back, so I will have to figure out who to start up front.
  13. Nation: England Division: Premier League or Championship European Competition: doesn't matter Media Prediction: doesn't matter Board Expectation(s): Transfer Budget: not too much, but not too little Wage Budget: average amount? Finances: decent shape Other: Just a side note, I'm still learning the game of soccer/futbol, if that helps.
  14. Any suggestions on who to get? I have £14 million transfer budget.
  15. Starting a long term save as Southampton. Any tips/suggestions?
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