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  1. Really hope this can be fixed. Stuttering primarily in match, on all settings but marginally better on "very low". Also some lag in the main interface. Have tried all potential remedies detailed earlier in the thread but without much improvement. The game is unfortunately unplayable as it is. DxDiag.txt
  2. I must say I don't really like this tactic. It is much too narrow and one-dimensional, so it struggles against sides who defend deep with one or two DMCs. The football is astonishing when it works, but I think Franky's old 4-3-3 tactics were more useful.
  3. No chance for a FM17 version? This was the best thing to happen to FM last year
  4. One final question from me Why does this happen? And is there any way to get rid of it?
  5. No big deal; just a bit annoying. But I can surely fix this in the editor myself?
  6. It seems to be a European Young Player of the Year award (not Golden Boy). There's the same problem with Player and Referee of the Year (if you look at past winners all of them are Slovakian).
  7. This is brilliant work, but I really wish someone would make something similar for laptop resolutions
  8. Thank you for your answer! What I meant by my first question, however, is that players like Kranjcar is not listed as FGN in my game, even though I think he should be (he hasn't been at Dinamo Kiev for 8 years!). When I look at the rules for the Soviet league it says that no teams can play more than 3 foreign players, but when I look at the squads no teams seem to have any players listed as FGN, not even the Africans, Brazilians, etc. So I was just a little bit confused. EDIT: Now I get it - you have to go to the squad registration screen to see it (because it's not a limit of 3 foreigners per match, but per squad). Great!
  9. I really love this idea, but how does the foreigner thing work for the Yugoslav and Soviet teams? I see that Kranjcar is not listes as fgn at Dinamo Kiev, and neither is Hubocan at Dinamo Moscow (those are just two examples). Is this right? Another thing: I notice that some of the DDR teams are filled up with "grey" players with English sounding names. How will this work when regens are coming through? Will the DDR national team be full of players with English names?
  10. It's not about tactics. End of story. Avoidong the end of season slump is easy: 1) Take the pressure off in interviews and teamtalks 2) Have experienced players in your squad who like important matches and can be counted on when it gets serious 3) Be successfull/win something. If you have qualified for the CL/EL/won the league once it is easier to do so again, because your players will have less nerves
  11. If you compete on multiple fronts, and especially if some games are postponed/you get a replay, then it will often be like hell at the end of the season, with fixtures every other day or worse for weeks. It's really been like this for some years, and I don't understand why. Is this really that hard to fix? It would of course never happen in real life.
  12. Thanks! It's "Team report > Last match". Hadn't even noticed this before. Looks pretty useful in this regard. Based upon this information I just commented (passionately - as recommended by tyro) on the performance of 4-5 of my players in the last match, and all of my comments went down well! By the way: Can any of you throw any light on the current relationship between commenting and getting players to list you as preferred personnel? In FM11 it was very easy, a couple of good interventions and they loved you. But in this version I haven't managed to get anyone to list me as preferred based on commenting on match performance. I did however manage to get into Adam Vass' good books because I accepted a transfer list request from him!
  13. Nice feedback from tyro and jim morrow! But where can I find this?
  14. Not exactly the advice I was hoping for -- but it seems like it's definitely necessary to be more cautious with private chats this year!
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