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  1. dont know if this has been suggested before but I would like: 1. Team Talk,being able to say something to a player when I'm sending him in play during the match,not just pre-match,HT... I think it would be nice if you can tell him somet hing like "you can make a difference.." 2. Better comunication with your staff,it seem pretty stupid to me that you can ask your players to suggest you a player or a back room staff memeber,and you can't ask that your assman or a coach who is an ex player or has been working in football for a 40 yrs for ex. I think this can be very usefull in LLM especialy. 3. I think that someone has suggested something like this before,but i couldn't find it so here it is,as you can't watch your players train,it would be nice if your assman could give some kind of a report on how the players are training before every match,and tell you if someone is working his arse off in training,so you should play him or some thing like that. 4. Also i would like to see some stuff related to a situation when player move between rival clubs,like A. Cole situation,fans booing him, player himself gettin nervous or extra motiv ated,media building it up etc. 5. I know this has been said before,but again,it would be nice to be able to set your language knowledge,without changing nationality. Just for the sake of reality. I have a couple more things,but I can't remember it right now.. And also,just to bump "LtCyc" especially on issues 2,3,4,5 ,6 and 9
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