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  1. Not a bug but I feel some of the Stadiums don't represent the reality. Playing as Stoke City I noticed the stands look too big and steep, also open corners that have been closed for a few years now. I know there isn't a stadium model for each team but few more models would help.
  2. Started a game with my son managing another team. All started off fine when you click continue/next it would switch to the other team/player. After the competitive games started with my team in England it stopped switching automatically and you had to use the drop down to select which team you wanted apart from when a game for the other team was ready to start the match-day sequence. I was a team in England and he was a team in Germany, the competitive games in England start earlier than Germany so wasn't sure if it was the game just prioritizing the team with competitive games or it's a
  3. This is at least the 3rd thread with this issue - if we try and keep them all in 1 thread it'll be easier for the moderators and devs to look at assess and fix
  4. Was going to add this one then saw this post. I had the same issue, not sure if it's only if you score the 1st goal of the game because in the my 2nd game the opposition scored 1st and the it did show up.
  5. This happened for me when I tried to change the shirt colour, didn't touch shirt type. I changed the main colour on the icon without issue but on the shirt I picked the same colour and when it tries to go back it crashes. Tried it twice got the same thing both times.
  6. I found this issue when using the camera on my laptop, also the face created looked alot younger and a bit like a shiny puppet head that was too small for the body with a long thin neck and needle sharp pointy nose lol. I got better results using a photo I took with my phone a while ago outside in the sun, still a little shiny and wooden but certainly better. Like others have said not game breaking.
  7. I also had this issue only the Zoom option was stuck in the middle of the slide bar also on sideline Camera.
  8. I too have experienced this one
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