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  1. All the talk of difficulty levels is nonsence. There are already things you can do to make the game very easy. If you're an amateur or just plain rubbish then pick a brilliant team (Chelsea, Barcelona etc). Next, spend 1/2 hour on the net or speak to a knowledgeable friend and get a few pointers on tactics and potential signings. Anyone can do this. As you improve just pick poorer teams and the tactics/finding players/training will become more obvious as you progress. The way people are talking in here is that the game is nigh on impossible when it is in reality a challenging game that (like many others) you grasp after playing it for a while. I've won numerous cups with Athletic Bilbao in Spain who have a Basque only signing policy. How..? worked on tactics, worked on training and invested in youth facilities. I now have numerous good young players who will be gods. Not rocket science you just think about what you're doing logically. Alot of games have difficulty levels because they are quick, hand eye co-ordination games that need practicing to get the required skills. If you lose a game on FM then there's no rush. Have a think and adjust things and go again. Its a learning curve that wont be correct from day 1. Yes it helps if you have experience of the game but genuinely if you haven't, there's loads of places to get tips... just stay clear of the nerds who take it too seriously and have nothing else in their lives.
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