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  1. @knap Hi mate. Started using 18.2.2 ARGUS343 version with Ajax. Well i don't have real BWM. Can i use playmaker players like Ziyech or Van de Beek as BWM ? Should i buy defensive minded midfielders ?
  2. That's the point. Strikers really worthless in FM 2014. I don't use strikers anymore. Maybe you can try shadow striker. But there is not too big differences. I tried every role and every class player like Messi, Agüero, Balotelli, Suarez, Benteke, Rondon etc.. They always missing the one on one chances. There is no defender in their sight but they always shoot the ball keeper's hands. That's not real man. Don't worry, the problem isn't your tactic. The problem is match engine. Of course Messi will miss or the other players will miss but that's too much. Messi never miss 3 one on one chances in the same game. I hope SI can fix this. Last year in FM 2013, Messi scored 65 goals in the league in my career. Now in Fm 2014, Messi scored 28 goals in the league and he scored 40 goals in a year. He can score 40 goals in real, just playing Liga BBVA games. That's too boring.
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