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  1. You wouldn't have developed a habit of lambasting your players would you? If the dressing room isn't behind you and you're underachieving then it's almost guarenteed that you'd be out. (Although, what were you thinking saying that you'd finish in a European LEAGUE place (so 5th or higher).)
  2. For SI

    Steam ftw if you ask me.
  3. steam is so poo

    Steam is by far the best distribution platform I've ever used, and I've been around a while My favourite parts being that it automatically distributes patches and you don't have to faff around with DVDs. The only time I think I've ever had a problem with it is when my ISP has been producing bad speeds. A little patience is all you need. At the same time, people choosing Steam when they know they have flaky internet connections (including the lad in this thread using a USB 3G dongle) really have to evaluate their own decision making powers.
  4. How about multiple cores and the quick match engine. It always bugs me that FM will happily max out a single core, but not multiples unless you put high match detail on.
  5. FM2010 64bits ?

    It won't do any of those things for the average user. Faster loading times and faster processing are a definate no. In a heavily multi-tasked environment (so users having a lot of processess running) then it might make a difference, or for a user who fires up every league - but most users don't do that.
  6. FM2010 64bits ?

    I don't think anyone's saying that FM wouldn't work as a 64 bit program, or can't work in a 64 bit environment (with clever tweaking by the OS). It's just that it won't bring anything to the product that isn't there already.
  7. FM2010 64bits ?

    The vast majority of users will never 'choose' an operating system. They'll get what they're given by their vendor - which is generally the easiest to support from the vendor's point of view. Do you think PC World are really going to want to be bothered with home users phoning them or bringing machines back to store with compaints about it 'not working' when the problem is actually a 64 bit OS?
  8. FM2010 64bits ?

    tbh FM doesn't really consume enough memory on it's own (unless you go mental with your league selections at the start of the game) to require a 64 bit compilation. As long as it works with both 32 and 64 bit Windows then I don't see a need to do the extra work. To address the 32 or 64 bit question, any enthusiast machine should really be 64 bit. When you have graphics cards which have 1gb or 2gb of memory (which use the same address space as 'normal' memory) then 64 bit is definately the way forward. By and large though it's horses for courses.
  9. Liverpool FC 2008/09

    To be fair, I thought Keane would be a good addition and still think that he can be. He guy needs a bit of confidence though and I don't think that Rafa is giving him that.
  10. Liverpool FC 2008/09

    Here's the problem - strikers like Torres are not common and its entirely possible that we wouldn't be able to spend another £20-£30m on a striker for a while. tbh right now I'd be happy to drop Keane and put Kuyt up front with Torres, Gerrard out on the right and Xavi and Masch in the centre. Unfortunately, Rafa seems to have a love of trying to turn forwards into wingers and so you can bet Kuyt will stay out there despite being pish in that position.
  11. Liverpool FC 2008/09

    To be fair to some of the players, it would help if we played them in position. Kuyt is supposed to be a forward, Benni a central midfielder etc. I understand why Rafa does it, but I don't think it helps us get the best out of the players concerned (or former players - I still think Djibril Cisse got shafted by Rafa).
  12. Liverpool FC 2008/09

    heh, being linked with Owen and Heskey in the same transfer window. Does anyone know if Diouf and Henchoz are available for sale? Bloody silly to have a comment about an ongoing criminal process on your shirts though.
  13. Liverpool FC 2008/09

    "Free Michael now", apparently. Who thought that was a good idea?
  14. I would balance up things like Amazon user ratings with the more respectable scores given to the game in the industry press. FM09 is scoring a respectable (if not outstanding) 86 on metacritic.
  15. Maybe Sega/SI don't feel that it wasn't a mistake going down the route they chose (and if it's true that the game isn't properly cracked then I'd probably agree with them) and also feel that it primarily wasn't their fault that things went wrong - they've been firefighting problems caused by someone/something else (whether that's a DDoS attack, 3rd party vendor let them down or whatever). Also, I don't know if I'm missing something here - but why do people deem it necessary to demand apologies/reparations/acceptance responsibility (irrespective of who's fault things were and how they were dealt with)? SI have given an explanation as to what happened (which obviously people can take or leave - I'll admit that I was as sceptical as anyone else when reading the news), held their hands up on something that they feel they could have sorted before it became an issue and assured us that future activations (both in this version and future ones) will be dealt with differently as a result of lessons learned. Why are your expectations so high?