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  1. I signed a coach with high Tactical Knowledge purely to give opposition instructions more often than not though he is the one that is greyed out. Why is this? Are other attributes important too?
  2. So what I have gleaned from wwfan's thread, is that I have three specialists - my poacher, target man and advanced playmaker. Therefore should be playing with a balanced or rigid philosophy. I was balanced already so will give rigid a shot. This movement between the lines is plaguing me somewhat too. I am slightly confused by this as the advance playmaker with support duty plays in the hole between midfield and attack whereas my defensive midfield support plays in between the midfield and defence when we haven't got the ball. Is this not movement between the lines?
  3. This very thought cross my mind too. - envisaged the target man playing flick ons to the poacher or receiving the ball and dropping it back to the playmaker to work his magic. May have to have a rethink!
  4. You Sir, are a legend! Not sure I understand it quite yet.
  5. Not sure about this specialist role concept - bit of a new one on me
  6. Yeah the advanced playmaker plays in the MC position just in front of the DMC. As for team instructions, I haven't changed them from the computer default. So whatever the tactical creator puts forward for a balanced standard strategy is where it is at. Will start up the computer to see if I can give you a better answer.
  7. Should have said that no sliders have been meddled with and I'd prefer to keep it this way However target man and playmaker option are both ticked - my target man is my target man and my playmaker is my playmaker. Target man supply is set to mixed.
  8. Hi, I'm a couple of seasons into the premiership with Cardiff. Promotion in season 1 was achieved quite easily (5 games to spare). Since then I have narrowly escape relegation every season. Although I was quite happy with 17th in season 2, now I,m starting season 4, I want to become more consistent and begin to climb up the league. I not sure if I'm missing a trick tactics wise but what I am trying to achieve clearly isn't working. My formation is what I would call 4-1-3-2 and breaks down as follows GK - goalkeeper - defend DR - fullback - support DC - central defender - stopper DC - central defender - cover DL - fullback - support DMC - defensive midfield - support MR - winger - support MC - advanced playmaker - support ML - winger - support ST - target man - support ST - poacher - attack My logic (possibly flawed) is the little and large partnership up front. This is generally Canadian giant Rob Friend and Ademilson. Supply to the big man from the wings. With the advanced playmaker entering the fray to help link things together. At the back the DMC is firstly a shield for my back four but is also on support to help any attacking moves by acting as a pivot. The full backs also step up as a extra outlet to pass to when necessary. I have three variations using this formation 1) my standard which is standard and balanced 2) my more attack minded formation which is control and balanced 3) my defensive variation which is counter and balance. I am trying to have too many things going on in the same tactic? Am I too widely spread across the middle? Should my three tactics have different formations rather than just differing mentality? Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!
  9. Striker Combinations

    Personally if I had one up top with inside forwards I think I would play a complete forward on attack role. Jack of all trades! At the moment I play two up top. Poacher and complete forward support.
  10. More importantly how bigger effect does this have. Is my team suffering as I have more brazilians than Brits.
  11. I have employed one of my former scouts as a coach. I use him as a second opinion on any decent scout report and to check the star rating of my current crop of players. That way I am comparing what I would like to what I have already and it's the opinion of just one person. So no real variation. As far as I know you can only see a coach report on an individual players screen. Would be great if you could see this on the squad list all in one go as it is my coach's advice I want not my ass man.
  12. If you have the motivation widget on when you play in 3d then it will give you some detail. So and so is injured but they feel they can shake it off is one of them. Never seen anyone lose the green tag though.
  13. A few ideas!!

    That would work but is it true to life? I'm not sure to be honest. Mike phelan doesn't run the reserves do any ass managers? If yes then I concurred - not a dull idea at all. As team bus driver would you get fined for running over the Spanish cup. Certainly a workable idea
  14. A few ideas!!

    But as stated earlier what would you be able to do as an ass man. Suggest formations and tactics, give team talks, run training it lacks enough depth to my mind. Could work with the youth setup but as you move up the hierarchy there would be a gap in your input when you make ass man.
  15. A few ideas!!

    If it was your job to run the reserves as assistant manager maybe. But this usually isn't the case in real life. Also I wouldn't have thought that any manager would say to their ass man " you know what, why don't you have a bash this week it's only stalybridge Celtic". Reserve team coach maybe?