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  1. I'd he happy with a new match engine, and a overhaul of the lower leagues, their just not realistic enough for me, not asking for much
  2. Blue square premier tactics

    Ok mate, will drop you a pm layer on when i've got enough time to play fm Edit: @jimbobBRFC sent you a pm mate.
  3. Blue square premier tactics

    Thanks mate, if you have steam and you are on now i can discuss it over the chat option on their if you want?! If you do pm me your steam id, if not i will add what you said onto a next comment?
  4. Alright lads Im currently plying my trade down in the blue square premier, but cannot find a tactic to settle with, its either that or my player instructions (which i also seem to struggle with) so i have a few questions 1. In the blue square i class it as one of the hardest leagues to get out of in the first season (which is my aim) due to the likes of luton fleetwood wrexham grimsby york all competing for 2 promotion places, do i need a home and away tactic? 2. I play a more direct passing game home and away simply because i believe a blue square team isnt capable of knocking it round like barcelona, am i right or wrong? 3. Im struggling with the shouts and what to tell my players to do really, started off the season brilliantly, but coming up against wrexham away, fleetwood away, grimsby at home, i feel my tactics are going to go pear shaped and im gunna get a hammering from each of them, im predicted to finish 9th so shouldnt be getting beat to badly Any help would be great guys
  5. How Do You Run Your Club?

    I manage lower league teams mainly trying to take them to the top (usually fail) :L Only really have a couple of policys: I never spend money on players, you can always get very decent players for free Mainly have a squad aged between 18-23 with a few older heads in the team for times like christmas and the end of season run in if in a promotion chase or relegation battle, experience is invaluable. Only usually spend around 300-600 on each players wages per week, anyone else despite if they look amazing i will not sign, would much rather spend that extra bit they would cost on a decent fringe player. Any player who gets sent off 9 times out of 10 recieves a fine of 2 weeks wages, i take no messing Cant think of anymore at the mo, i find it intresting how people have different approaches
  6. Are you in FM

    Nope but my auntie her best friends postmans grandson his brothers mate is shola ameobi haha, joking incase someone takes this seriously I'd be quite intrested to see if any of you guys are actually telling a few porkies haha!
  7. argh! slight moan with possible ideas

    i see what your both saying, it will be difficult but something surely could be thought out, an option in a boardroom convo such as ask for a option such as 'try and boost attendances with special offers' one such as 1 adult gets a child in free etc, its similar to what they have already got, with a few tweaks it could be a very good option imo, lower leagues definetly need some work on! i love playing them dont get me wrong, i get more fun out of it than the top clubs, i can hope for FM 2013
  8. Im playing in the BSP, and im 4th im at home against top of the league ebbsfleet, before the game i get a notification saying record low expected for the match? how does this make sense? 4th v 1st should be a big crowd tbh, this brings me onto my next point i think as a lower league team, you should be able to advertise your game, by selecting in a boardroom meeting? an option such as 'advertise in attempt to bring a bigger crowd to the next game' and things such as season tickets special offers to try and get more fans through the turnstyles, this could be very effective for teams in the lower leagues with poor budgets or teams in debt etc, it would be nice to see a more in depth part of the game. What do you guys think ?
  9. i havent a clue who or where i want to manage, this is not good
  10. Send a gift of FM12

    so how does this work ? does my mate just buy it for a fiver ? or do i have to pay the fiver ? hopefully i dont otherwise im not doing it i wont get my money back off him
  11. everything seems decent, still a fair few underated players in the Blue Square Premier, but i know that wasnt to be altered anyway Oh and Ryan Rowe of kidderminster is 23 not 26, apart from that it seems a pretty decent update, nice one
  12. ^^^^^ how the hell did you manage that! Just had my best result on the game, won manchester city 5-0 at home, without rooney! puts me 2nd, 6 points behind chelsea! got the easiest cl group ever in villareal, wisla krakow and copenhagen, played 3 scored 16 let in 2, playing most of my youngsters in the champions league now, pogba etc which is good experience, only problem i have is rooney is out for 5 weeks, eriksen filled his place perfectly v city mind, hopefully he can keep it up
  13. Yeah noticed rooney does well in many positions, eriksen and muiniain have been class for me so far, started off really well, beat arsenal chelsea and tottenham at home (using real fixtures) just lost 3-1 away at stoke, ended up with 9 men vidic and evra both sent off , lindegaard was awful, forgot to put de gea back inbetween the posta after my league cup game, nice easy game next v wisla krakow at home in the cl though, onwards and upwards
  14. Ok thanks, would you use rooney as the advanced playmaker ? with hernandez as poacher i take it
  15. Bought in christian eriksen for 8m and muniain for 19m in installments, need your help with formations now , whichever one i pick it just doesnt seem to work, maybe its my team instructions? I dont really change player instructions so it cant be that, 1st game of the season was west brom away and lost 1-0 :@ , why am i so rubbish at this game