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  1. Hiya, i've had the same with some staff and it just stays the same as far as i can recall
  2. i was wondering if you could do a Nottingham Forest one
  3. awesome...look forward 2 playing this
  4. sounds great...is there a chance you could send me the link plz Mr_Demus
  5. hiya finch145...i don't think anyone can tbh. i muttally terminate his contract on the first season
  6. i would love a Nottingham Forest one please
  7. just tried it and it's asking for a decription key
  8. yeah, i have. thanx for ur reply. i'll sort it now & get back to you
  9. i was wondering if anyone can help me...i got my game today but it still says beta version when i'm playing it. when does it go full version?
  10. sounds like a good one...please upload this
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