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  1. Lolwut? Was it a theatre prop with fake plastic doubloons in from a production of Pirates of Penrith?
  2. Not so far - how did Evra react to that lol he must have gotten major mads!
  3. Into my third season as Everton and all is going well when Bill Kenwright decides that he's finally found a buyer worthy of the club - Mr David James, former Watford and Liverpool keeper. I could believe a consortium headed by a footballer (Niall Quinn) but a former Liverpool player and one of the original Spice Boys lol wtf!?? About six months later Mr.Kenwright buys Newcastle - unless the asking price was free tickets to Blood Brothers and a tour of Granada Studios I can't see how Billy Boy would pull this off. Any other strange ones and isn't it about time a bit more attention was paid to this aspect of the game - there's still alot of loopy manager appointments going on.
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