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  1. me neither apparently
  2. yeah i know you were joking, i think i can put the smiles in the right places just getting the hang of it there you go got it right
  3. yeah your right, just trying to help if i could though Edit: cant even add the smile in the right place
  4. i thought/think u just the run file after downloading the patch and then it installs automatically, have to admit im not sure though
  5. it doesn't stop u does it ?, and he has bought the game
  6. not it wasn't a stupid question, sorry forgot to add that
  7. once it is installed u do not need the disk
  8. its here
  9. through steam the activation code always pops up in the bottom right of the screen when I start the game (its quite annoying). u could try this on previous computer Edit: never mind if didnt use steam
  10. can't u get it from your previous computer if you have that with you?
  11. probably just affects whether they want to join or leave club
  12. Good Idea, never thought of doing this. I always forget which one is which.