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  1. I'm very curious to see how you're going to reduce the number of goals from crosses, it is going to be very tough on this match engine.
  2. Hi, Cleon. I'm wondering how many counter-attacks (as defined by FM) you manage to trigger per game, and I'd love to watch some videos of them, if it were possible. I'm playing defensive and I'm having success, but can only trigger counter-attacks on defensive set pieces, which isn't much.
  3. Is it still possible to set individual training to low/medium/high, or is that option gone this year? Sorry if it has already been asked.
  4. Since a few pages ago there was some talking about making deep changes to how corners work, here is something SI could try to implement. [video=youtube;Wb7i8mQnzdo]
  5. Not to mention all the clubs whose shares are sold on the stock exchange, requiring a six-month report.
  6. played 3 saves, always had general training on low and individual training on heavy, so that global training for each player is at medium. As many phisios as chairman lets me have. Injuries for me are veeeery low. I see your Chelsea has problems though, are you sure global training isn't too high? CCC actually make no sense. I usually prefer to defend a lead by using control rather than defending, since even if I keep conceding many one on on ones, they're far less dangerous than shots from distance.
  7. I used to have a tactic on FM14, which I'd use against the weak teams parking the bus. It was very efficient, but it required wingers able to play high crosses, and strikers with very high jumping, because all the low crosses would have otherwise been stopped by the defenders, since those teams were playing with deep defence. On FM14, Low crosses would only work on counter-attacks, against a mispositioned defence. That's what is not happening on the current ME. Every winger can play awesome low crosses, and even deep defences can't deal with them.
  8. Which proves nothing. Ask your Ass Man to provide you with a report about all the other teams in the league, and then we can argue if the percentage of crosses is or is not too high.
  9. FM14 was already a big step forward in team building. this year the level seems the same, although I still can't understand PSG selling Sirigu way under his market value for no reason, and then looking for a much more expensive replacement with same skills.
  10. What I'd like to know is how they could even think it was a good idea. I mean, having the menu on the left frees more vertical space, you can like it more or less than the usual menus on the top, but at least it's there for a reason. The tactics screen is at the same time inefficient and ugly.
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