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  1. I always use WMs with very high pressing instruction, and I am quite content with their position in the defensive phase. So high pressing could be the solution.
  2. In the past, after signing a player whose contract was expiring in six months, you were able to offer to pay a fee to get him in January. Has that feature been removed?
  3. If you have any, please post them here. My laptop is pretty slow so I can't just run FM till I get one. Thanks!
  4. I'd love to check if Youth Rating has changed in some nations, or if it hasn't at all. Can you please upload your save?
  5. Italy has been way too rich for years. I reported it last year, saying Inter, Roma and Milan were way richer than Lazio on FM, which is not realistic, and should have been made "poorer". They chose to make Lazio richer too, instead, which was a good solution for balancing Serie A, but a terrible choice when it comes to realism and balance with other European teams. :/
  6. Playing in Serie A, Abate made 6 assists in 4 games. these are those annoying ME bugs that totally break the immersion. This guy couldn't make a cross if his life depended on it, but on this ME he looks like Beckham.
  7. true. I'm a Lazio fan, and I expected our defenders to be massively downgraded. It didn't happen, of course. I hadn't started any Lazio career so far because having such great defenders was extremely unrealistic, I guess now I'll have to use the editor myself.
  8. Not sure if it's just me, but I want to share my experience. Yesterday, my game crashed, so I lost a week of in-game time. No big deal. Now I just loaded the same save and am replaying that week. First day, and all players start complaining and ask to be sold to a better team. this wasn't the case on the previous patch. so, have player interactions been worked on?
  9. so you don't see crappy fullbacks who aren't even technically gifted and still win the prize for best assistman?
  10. A quick way to check if the crossing issues have been solved is simulating half a season with the 4 main european leagues loaded with full details, and check the best assistmen. if you find fullbacks with an insane number of assists, you know something is wrong.
  11. FM needs a big revamp when it comes to corporate governance. Maybe they should finally give a real role to all those names in the board of directors. Including sports politics wouldn't hurt either, it'd bring the game to a whole new level of realism. But I'm just dreaming, I know.
  12. I had a son (as manager) in my youth intake when I wasn't even trying to have one. He was a crappy fullback, though. I have never seen other players's relatives on FM, though. I think they should consider raising the probability, there are dozens of relatives in the FM database already, and I can't say it is as common with regens.
  13. Sorry, I should have explained it better. I'm wondering if I can display it as column in the Squad panel, just like "Favoured Personnel"
  14. ... is it possible? Has it already been done? in the standard skins you can already insert the column "Preferred Personnel", so I guess it is, but I'm too bad at skinning to be able to tell.
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