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  1. I've got it set as balanced. Knew I had missed something off that screen shot :o
  2. Right little bit of background info before my 1st qualifying match The group at the start Sitting 3 points ahead of Russia gives me that little bit of breathing space which hopefully I shouldn't need. My fixtures With 3 very winnable games out of the 4 left and only the tricky trip to Russia which I am not 100% certain on winning. My tactics I am going with my trusted 41221. There doesn't seem much quality in the striker positions but hopefully with the likes of Nani, Ronaldo, Quaresma and Danny behind it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  3. I'm going to have pop at turning perennial underachievers Portugal into World Cup winners. Will post here when I have started it up
  4. I'm sure Poborsky was Czech not Croatian. Sorry for being picky
  5. I got offered around £60m for one of my strikers tried to get them to increase it and the next game he did his acl and was out for 9 months
  6. Not posted on here for a while about my progress with Villa. I'm now in 2024/25and after 15 I'm sitting 1st with 38 points, winning 12, 2 draws and only the one loss. I won the Europa league in 2022 and got knocked out n the Champions League semi final the following season. Not managed to finish any higher than 3rd in the league so far unfortunately due to a lack of consistency around December/January. My formation is My best players are Came through my youth intake May not look the best but has been my most consistent player for the last 5 years or so I have a few top quality youngsters coming through and giving substitute appearances to as well as the odd start in the cup competitions and easier league games. I'm aiming for 1st/2nd this season, and for next season I should have 2 11's that would be able to compete in the league so can rotate a lot more without lowering the quality in my starting 11.
  7. He's not doing too badly on mine, I'm just coming up to the end of 2023/24 season. He's won the Premier League x4, FA Cup x2, Capital One Cup x3, Champions League x1. Only finished outside of the top 3 once and came runner up in Champions League once and also Europa League once.
  8. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Buyer/Seller: Athletico Madrid/ Juventus Offer: Athletico £13.25m upfront with £44.5m over 24 months/ Juventus £34m upfront Transfer/Wage Budget: £54.34m/£975k pm Patch: Latest Season: 22/23 Was just wondering if anyone would sell him because I do have a 4.5* regen as his back up who has played well when called upon. I am thinking of trying to get around £50m from them for him which should give me a fair old wedge to improve the rest of my team/ invest in youth.
  9. Yeah I just couldn't get him scoring goals and he kept asking for a transfer so gave Helenius a chance and he seemed to link up better with Agbonlahor and Robinson with them all scoring double figures and having double figures for assists too.
  10. Managed to get £20m upfront with £10m in instalments and £5m after 20 league goals plus the 15% profit from the next sale.
  11. Should I accept this offer for Benteke or not He is my 2nd choice behind Helenius and I also have Danny Ings who I bought in the transfer window. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. Just finished my 2nd season. Forgot completely to post updates on my 1st in here lol. A quick recap of my 1st season, I finished 16th after not being able to get a consistent run of results in a row and also a failure to get any of my strikers scoring on a regular basis. 2nd season here are my signings and transfers out. Here is the final league table Shay Given has set a retirement date for the end of this current season so I now only have to wait a few more weeks to get his wages off the wage bill I also have managed to get into the Europa League through the fair play award which is a nice bonus. I am going to look to try and add to my transfer budget by selling Baker, Herd and Benteke and am hopefully going to add some proper competition for Guzan in Jack Butland, but trying to get Mark Hughes to sell at a reasonable price is proving somewhat troublesome to say the least. I'm hoping that he puts in a transfer request and I can sign him that way, like Ings did with Burnley. They were asking for £10m for him but I would only go as far as £6m, he put a transfer request in and boom £4.5m asking price I also dropped Benteke for Helenius and began rotating Robinson and Grealish for my AML position but Robinson was by far the better performer so he became a regular fixture in my starting 11. Okore was a regular starter ahead of Clark but suffered a hip injury so Clark came in and performed well.
  13. The player that scored the goal wasn't offside, but on the original shot you had a player offside ad made a movement towards the ball when it hit the defender. Thats the only reason why I can see it being ruled out for offside.
  14. I've tried giving him away too. Hopefully someone will be desperate enough to take him off my hands on loan with a £0 future fee clause I'm getting frustrated with Benteke and his lack of scoring and have found that Helenius is a better option in the AF role so may end up trying to offload Benteke in January and keep the cash until the summer and strengthen my squad.
  15. Finally started my Villa save tonight. Here are my transfer dealings My tactics And the league table so far I'm aiming for a mid table/europa league place by the end of the season. I'm hopefully going to be able to offload Given, Stevens, Albrighton and N'Zogbia asap and Ireland,Bent and Delfouneso at the end of the season. I'll keep posting at the end of every transfer window and end of the season.
  16. I will be starting my yearly Villa save today or tomorrow most probably. Looks harder than last years to build a strong team in the 1st season, but there is the basis of a good team already there.
  17. Just been offered the PSG job so saved before I accepted it and now have 2 saves running Got a news item saying about a mass exodus because of me leaving which makes me sad but also happy at the same time
  18. Just finished the 19/20 season and finished 5th in the end after being 4th in my last post, slipped off the pace after having a tough run of games. On the up side though here is the young player of the year in the premier league and he was also nominated for world player of the year too. Looking to buy a replacement for Adryan before the season starts and offload him before he leaves on a free at the end of the season, after refusing to pay his wage demands. Will update again in the January transfer window.
  19. I spoke too soon and jinxed myself, losing to Wolves Pretty pleased overall though with the average age of my squad being 21 .
  20. Finished 7th in 18/19 so missed out on Europe again. Am now in December 2019 and sitting pretty in the league Hoping I can squeeze into 4th for the Champions league money at the end of the season.
  21. As of August 2019 I have worked out all my sales and purchases and I am exactly £10m in the black on my net transfer spend Just wondered what everyone else's net spend is?
  22. Just got to the start of the January transfer window 2019. Sitting in 5th place. My current formation and starting 11 + subs. My 2 best players at the minute Got a couple of Dutch newgens that are looking promising along with 3 Italians and this goalkeeper Not looking to buy any players in this window but if I get some bids for Butland I will have to delve in and pick up a new keeper who doesn't mind being 2nd choice. Will let you know where I finish at the end of the season.
  23. You should be able to get around £20m for Bent, £7-10m for N'Zogbia. The others though not a massive amount, Gabby and Delph could get you £10m maybe more for the 2.
  24. I sold him along with Bent, Given, N'Zogbia, Ireland, Warnock so you can sell him while selling other players.
  25. Cheers just confirmed the transfer after appealing to work permit decision. Just sold Gylfi Sigurdson to HSV so needed another CAM and thought he would fit the bill but wanted someone else's input.
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